Strangers in the Lane
The Willow Lane Mysteries, Book #2
By Virginia Rose Richter
ISBN# 9781611874372
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When twelve-year-old Jessie Hanson hears sinister voices on a baby monitor – planning a robbery, she enlists the help of her best friend, Tina Adams to determine the source of the voices and to catch the thieves before somebody gets hurt.

The second book in the Willow Lane Mysteries. A middle-grade mystery for ages nine to twelve.


I read several mysteries when I was a kid. It must’ve been my first genre, now that I think about it, and recently got into them again. Reading Strangers in the Lane was a walk through memory lane 🙂 I might have not grown up in the 80’s but I did in the 90’s and we didn’t have many digital things like we do now. The only thing I didn’t have and would have liked was Bryce’s photography classes!

I really loved Jessie’s little adventure and throughout the story I couldn’t stop wondering how it would end and if they would believe a twelve year old. The short chapters were easy to read and the pace was good, too. This series is good for parents who want to get their kids interested in reading and are looking for a good book.

There was something different from the first book and this one was the “first love” factor, that the author nailed in my opinion. We all remember or first crushes at young ages and she did a good job describing it and leading Jessie through it. Who doesn’t remember those thump thumps and minds going blank?

Not to mention that Jessie’s crush is brave and willing to help her out in anything she needs, while her trusty detective companion, Tina, cares for her mom. The author definitely gives the readers, not just mystery, but romance this time around along with values and responsibilities that makes Jessie and her family’s bonds stronger.

The author kept everything well under cover, for there is a chapter that just caught me off guard and wondering why she put it in there now. But the twist after it and the plate of cookies made it fit well in the mystery plot.

Soon it’ll get cozy with the weather changing, so grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a moment to read this short fun story with your kids. Even I enjoyed this and I’m not twelve anymore.