Storm Echo

Psy-Changeling Trinity, Book 6

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9780593440674

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Ivan was rescued by Ena Mercant when he was a small boy after his mother overdosed on Jax.  His mom had told him he was a Mercant, so he believed it.  And, Ena wasted no time welcoming him into her home after Norah’s death.

However, there was something lurking in Ivan’s brain, a monster that he has always deemed the spider, waiting for an opportunity to strike and feed off anyone that gets close enough.  The spider is believed to be a by-product of being exposed to Jax in-utero.  Ena helped Ivan construct shields to contain the spider, but what happens when someone gets past those shields?

While doing some training with the wolves, Ivan encounters a young woman, Lei.  They form a bond and continue to meet each other and grow closer.  He even tells her his darkest secret, the spider and the horrible things he’s done.  Then, Lei disappears from his life.  His secret was clearly more than she could bear.

Soleil is an ocelot changeling healer that lost everything when Lucas Hunter came in and killed her pack.  It didn’t matter that most of what remained of her pack had been submissives and cubs, Hunter executed them anyway. And, now Soleil is on a mission to kill the very man that destroyed her life and made her a loner.

Shortly after arriving in DarkRiver territory, Soleil encounters a dark man that draws her attention, but she recognizes him for the danger that he is.  Too bad her cat has claimed him as theirs.  During a psy catastrophe she sees the man go into action to save people, and being a healer, she has no choice, but to help him in his efforts.

Ivan is shocked to finally have found Lei, but is devastated to see that she doesn’t remember him.  When she exhausts herself during the psynet collapse, Lucas insists on taking her back to his pack for proper care.  Care Ivan doesn’t know how to administer. Against all his protective urges, he has to let her go.

 Soleil wakes up in enemy territory and tries to escape until she catches the scent of one of the cubs …. An ocelot cub.  She’s ready to break all the changeling rules to follow that scent, when Ivan steps in to assist her.  And, what she finds out changes everything she thought she knew.

Meanwhile, there is an enemy lurking.  And, Ivan may be the only one that can stop them!

I loved the Psy-Changeling series, but sadly the Psy-Changeling Trinity just hasn’t lived up to my expectations so far.  I’m not sure what is so different about it.  I really struggled reading this book because it just didn’t keep my interest.  And, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, which hasn’t helped.

I actually enjoyed both Ivan and Soleil as individual characters.  Neither of them is willing to give an inch.  However, I failed to truly connect with them as a couple.  I enjoyed them much better when they first were getting to know each other, before the whole amnesia thing came along and wrecked the party.

I do love that we have a new breed of changelings to enjoy.  I can’t wait to see what they will bring to the table.

However, the continued collapse of the psynet bores me to near tears.  Hopefully this book is a step in the right direction to stabilize the net so we can focus on more enjoyable endeavors.