STEPHENIE MEYER SAYS THERE SHOULD BE 5 TWILIGHT MOVIES has a video of Stephenie Meyer talking about splitting  up Breaking Dawn into two movies:

In a new interview, Stephenie Meyer was asked “if all four of the Books are made into movies, which would you most look forward to work on?

Meyer responds, “If they do all four – I really think they have to do five movies, cause I don’t think you can do Breaking Dawn in one movie, You have to split it up. You do it right, well you do it in two.”

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Now you’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I know there’s been a lot of controversy lately because of what BooBoo Stewart said – but I don’t think he accidentally said that. I think he just spoke too soon.

Come on, with all the money to be made off Twilight, I doubt they will settle for 4 movies.

What do you think?