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Stargate Universe Season 1: Episode 6 – ‘Water’

Sergeants Riley and Greer are talking about a group of miners that survived a cave-in for six days by drinking their own urine. Young interrupts by saying the water levels are lower than they should be, and Riley tells Young that the only person who came by was Sgt. Spencer, who wanted to look inside but Riley told him no.

After, Eli, Young, and Rush are discussing the problem. Eli suggest it evaporated when they passed through the star, but Rush tells him it’s a closed system and protected. Young says that the recycling center Rush is trying to get online could have caused a leak, but Eli tells him the computer says it’s fine. They have lost over half of their water. Young tells Rush he wants to try redialing the gate since the ship is recharged, but Rush insists that they are only at 40% or original design capacity. Now that they ships is thousands of years old, it can’t function the same way. Young orders Rush to use Brody (an engineer) to help him while he borrows Eli.

Young has Eli use a Kino to find out what people are saying (without being seen). In the mess area, some of the civilians are saying that there’s more water than Young is saying. “You know the military. As long as they control the water, they control us”. Young tells Eli to keep monitoring everyone so he knows who he can trust. Eli continues to watch the Kino, so he doesn’t notice when a cloud of sand exits the room after Young.

Greer is walking down one of the hallways when he hears something behind him (another sand cloud). He stops and looks, as Young comes around the corner. Young tells him he’s headed to the gateroom; they have dropped out of FTL and there is a planet in range that could have water. When they send the Kino through, it’s snowing heavily (the temperature is -47 C, -53 F). The atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide, but they need to look for water. Young calls for Scott to come to the gateroom, but he doesn’t respond. He sends Lt. James to find him, and she finds Scott and Chloe making out. There are only two spacesuits ready (and undamaged), so Young and Scott get ready to head out. Young puts TJ in charge while he’s gone.

Once on the planet, Young and Scott begin sampling the ice to find anything drinkable. The surface ice has high concentrations of ammonia. They see some rocky outcroppings and decide to look there. Scott is unsure, since the farther they have to haul the ice, the less they can bring back. Eli has an idea; he puts a stretcher on a bunch of kinos-they can use it like a hovering dolly. As they walk away from the gate, there are some tremors.

TJ checks the water levels and they have dropped significantly, again. The guard insists no one has been in there, so she orders a search of the ship and everyone’s quarters. As TJ walks around, she sees the sand cloud that has been traveling around the ship. It comes up to her and stops in front of her and mirrors her face. When her radio beeps, it takes off. Greer (via radio) tells her he found something in Spencer’s room. When she arrives, she sees Spencer has two containers of water and a backpack full of protein bars, all stolen. TJ has Spencer locked up. Greer continues to look for stolen water. While he’s searching Chloe’s room, Dr. Franklin walks by and tells him that they people on board have rights and that the search is ridiculous.

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