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Stargate Universe Season 1: Episode 5 – ‘Light’

Greer records his Kino clip, saying that he can’t think of a better way to leave the world than to fly into the heart of a star: “out in a blaze of glory”.

Young calls everyone into the gateroom to explain the situation: in just over one day, the ship will fly into the star. Since they believe they are near habitable planets, to save some of the lives on board, 15 people will be chosen by a lottery to take the shuttle to explore the habitable planets, and survive there. Young will chose two others with necessary survival skills to accompany the 15; taking his name out of the drawing. While everyone is leaving, Eli sees Chloe and Scott kissing. The crew returns to their quarters to occupy themselves until they are close enough to the planets to see if they can sustain life. Chloe and Scott head back to his quarters.

Camile goes to talk to Young, telling him he should pick all 15 people that will go on the shuttle, including putting himself on there. Sending the wrong people could limit their chances of survival. Camile argues for making a list, while Young tells her that wouldn’t be fair and that she needs to leave, and threatens to take her out of the lottery.

Eli dream she is back home in bed, with his mother nagging him about work. He wakes up, worried about his mother.

Chloe and Scott talk about the potential planets. Chloe asks him how he’s so sure they’re both going. Scott tells her they need a pilot and Chloe is a senator’s daughter. Chloe tells him that’s not a reason, but she could still be chosen in the lottery; but if she isn’t, he has been more important to her in the past few days than anyone else. Scott tells her he wants her there.

Eli plans to send a Kino out with the shuttle to serve as a message in a bottle, despite the odds of it being found. Chloe goes first, saying that her father gave his life so they could survive another day. Camile Wrey follows, saying that if anyone finds this in the next 40 years to tell Sharon her last thoughts were of her. Young records a message for his wife Emily.

Rush tells Young that the first planet is frozen, and that the second is much too hot; and the third is too far away to determine, and that they won’t get close enough before they reach the sun. But it’s orbit is in between the other planets, so the odds are good it will be the right temperature. Young asks if they can use the shuttle to push The Destiny off course, and Rush tells him there isn’t enough thrust. They decide to do the lottery and launch the shuttle. Rush asks Young to take him out of the lottery, because The Destiny is truly his destiny, and he wants to stay with it. Young tells Rush that he was right about the power and he should have listened to him. Rush replies that it wouldn’t have made a difference. Rush asks which two Young has chosen: Lt. Scott and Lt. Johansen; the pilot and the medic.

The lottery begins: Airman Becker, David Walters, Camile Wrey, Lt. James, Dr. Park, Adam Brody, Sgt. Riley (who is given the Kino by Eli), and nine others (who are not named). As soon as the lottery ends, Sgt. Spencer tries to start a riot, insisting more people can fit on the shuttle. Greer knocks him out, and threatens anyone else with the same if they try to do anything.

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