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Stargate Universe Season 1: Episode 4 – ‘Darkness’

Dr. Rush has been sitting at the main “computer” all night, working on some of the ships problems, drinking coffee and getting agitated. Finally he gets up, and finds some of the other crew members messing around with computer systems. They tell him Col. Young asked them to figure out some of the ships systems, and he tells them they have to turn them off, and keep them off. In the kitchen, a group (including Young, Eli, Scott, etc) meet to discuss supplies and eat their powder/water mixture breakfast. They want to loosen water restrictions so they can shower; Eli points out that the showers don’t use water, the spray a mist that works even better. Rush walks in just as the meeting ends. Dr. Rush explains to Col. Young that he has been up all night, concerned with the depleting energy reserves. To prove his point, the lights flicker, and Rush demands that Young order everyone to “stop pushing buttons”.

Meanwhile, Eli is trying to get everyone to record a message about themselves into the Kino. Through this we meet 2nd Lieutenant Vanessa James (the woman Scott was sleeping with in the pilot), Sgt. Spencer, Dr. Dale Volker (astrophysicist), Sgt. Hunter Riley, and Adam Brody (engineer). We also learn more about Scott, TJ, and Rush.

While Rush returns to work, the military personnel, scientists, and Camile meet to discuss whether Rush is telling the truth or if he’s just causing trouble. After, Camile tells Col. Young that they need to discuss Lt. Johansen, she resigned right before being trapped on The Destiny. Young replies that she has to remain active now, since they are cut off from Earth and she is the only medic. Elsewhere crew members discover a recharging plate: any object (they use flashlights) that is placed on the plate is recharged quickly. Young tells them to turn it off to save power.

Lt. Young and Sgt. Greer join Lt. Scott in one of the shuttles to try and figure out how to fly it. Eli and Chloe walk around and flirt, and Eli shows her how to run the shower.

Young checks in on Rush, and they fight about who’s actually in charge of decision making (Young wins). Rush tells him they may not have much energy left, possibly a few days or less.

Lt. James comes and grabs Eli (who is standing guard while Chloe showers) and tells him she needs to talk to him alone. Eli follows her into the dining area, where half of the crew is waiting. They demand to know what is really going on concerning power, rations, and whether or not they can get home because they believe that either Young or Rush would be honest with him and the crew wants answers. Eli promises that if they tell him anything, he will tell the rest of them.

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