Shalonda posted this today: Today I am so pleased to feature Heather Davis. Heather is the debut author of Never Cry Werewolf, which was just released yesterday!!!

S: What was the inspiration behind NEVER CRY WEREWOLF?

HD: I used to have a drive through thick woods to the school where I worked. It was endless trees — like summer camp in the pines. I started thinking of a few what-if? things about the woods. Plus, I’ve always like werewolves! I’d just finished a ghost book and wanted to stay in the paranormal realm, but vamps had been done to death, anyway. I wrote a few pages and feel in love with Shelby, my main character, and of course her hunky co-star, Austin.

S: There seems to be a lot of author collaboration in YA literature. With what author would you most like to collaborate on YA project?

HD: I love Libba Bray. Maybe she and I should do a Victorian werewolf story? 😉

Read the entire interview here.

I have read some good things about Heather’s book. I think I may just add it to my mega-huge list of Must-have books!

Are you a fan of werewolf stories?

Did you pick up ‘Never Cry Werewolf’ yesterday?