Spirits and Sourdough

Magical Bakery Mystery #10

By Bailey Cates



Brought to you by OBS Reviewer Daniele


Baker Katie Lightfoot needs a sprinkle of magic to solve a haunting mystery in the newest book in this New York Times bestselling series.

Hedgewitch Katie Lightfoot works at the Honeybee Bakery in Savannah, and she’s always up for investigating her adopted home’s rich supernatural history. That’s why she’s taking a ghost tour for the very first time. But when the psychic tour guide tells Katie that she’s being followed by the ghost of a recently murdered woman, Katie realizes she met the victim earlier that day, just before she died. She knows she must bring the killer to justice.

And this murder isn’t the only mystery Katie needs to solve. Her new husband, Declan McCarthy, is missing the guardian spirit who always watched over him, and she’s concerned that Deck’s life could be at risk if they can’t find him. Under pressure from the living and the dead, Katie will have to use all of her magical skills to start an investigation from scratch and avoid half-baked alibis, because this baker kneads to find a killer. (Goodreads)


Spirits and Sourdough, the entertaining tenth book in the Magical Bakery Mystery Series, is full of friendship, murder, and just the right amount of magic.

Katie Lightfoot and her coven are looking forward to a night out taking a ghost tour in their beloved city of Savannah.  Teddy the guide is knowledgeable and engaging, and things go well until she suddenly takes ill.  Katie learns that Teddy really does see ghosts and one has attached itself to her.  The ghost insists that Teddy implore Katie to find her killer, and they soon discover that the victim is local gallery owner Leigh Markes.  In addition to tracking down a murderer, Katie is determined to help her husband Declan find his missing guardian spirit.

I always enjoy my time spent with bakery owner Katie and her friends and family.  The character development and relationships shine in this series, and, ten books in, the characters are like old friends.  Katie is intelligent and empathetic, and it makes sense for her to use her witchy intuition in potentially dangerous situations.  Of course, this does not keep her out of trouble, but she is good about letting people know where she is and what is going on.  Declan continues to be indulgent of Katie, and even though he is part of an important plot point, I wish he was featured more.  The supporting characters round out the story, and I particularly like Ben and Lucy.  I hope we see more of Teddy in the future.

Murder victim Leigh was an assertive woman, and there are several suspects for Katie to consider, including Leigh’s ex-husband, a local artist, her assistant, her sister, and her best friend.  There are plenty of clues and twists and turns to keep the plot interesting.  I picked the murderer rather early in the story, but the twist at the end surprised me.  Surprises make for good reading in my opinion.

This long running series still feels fresh, and Spirits and Sourdough is a fun addition to the series.  Recommended to fans of the series, paranormal enthusiasts, and lovers of the charming Savannah, Georgia, setting,