3 Star rating
Soul Deep
Breeds, Book #5
By Lora Leigh
ISBN# 9781419954627
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soul-deep-lora-leighKiowa is one of the reviled Coyote Breeds; considered the most savage of all Breeds, ones with no conscience, morals, or soul.  His life hasn’t been easy, being raised, if you can call it that, by a grandfather who made it clear he was an abomination forced on his mother; a true burden he was forced to care for.

Now Kiowa is doing a job for Dash Sinclair, watching over the president’s daughter to make sure she isn’t taken in an attempt to force the vote on Breed Law to go against the Breeds.  But when her Secret Service detail fails to protect her, Kiowa is forced to step in.  But when the passions between the two ignite, there is no putting out the flames!

This was a decent addition to the Breeds series.  We get a good look at the Coyote Breed, and the stigma that is associated with it.  It was horrible seeing the flashbacks of Kiowa’s childhood, and to see how badly he was treated by his own grandfather; being punished for his own creation.

As for how Kiowa was with his mate?  For the most part he was good with her.  He could definitely be a jerk at times, but she seemed to enjoy it, so I guess that makes it alright.  I’ve complained many times about some of Leigh’s other male leads and their forms of punishment and domination; usually centered around backdoor action.  So it was nice to see a couple where it wasn’t forced, but welcomed by the female.  Amanda is definitely a kinky little minx, it’s kind of hard to believe considering she was a virgin and all.

I did like Kiowa, especially his reactions towards the other males, when he was learning what his kiss had started! Let’s face it sometimes the guys in this series deserve a little grief or a good punch (or two) to the face 🙂  Kiowa had me laughing a couple of times while he was giving them what for!  And, Simon was in this book also, and he’s always good for a laugh, as well!

I was a little shocked that this pairing didn’t result in the usual outcome, especially with all the delays in the coyote breeds that were mentioned throughout the book.  Part of me still wonders if it will.  I guess I’ll just have to read more to find out!

This was a solid installment in the series and a very fast read that I gobbled up in just a few sittings.  It definitely gets the heart (and other things) pumping!