Snow and the Seventh Wolf
Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods, Book #2
By Jessica Aspen
ISBN#  2940016020846
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Exiled for attempting to kill his sister’s lover, the last thing Seth needs is to be saddled with a human. But Seth can’t turn his back when he discovers Snow fleeing from her avaricious step-parents murder plot. Isolated in a cabin in the woods, Snow attempts seduction and Seth discovers even werewolves are vulnerable to passion’s temptation. Seth’s angry struggles against his desire drive him away, but his over-protective alpha nature won’t let him abandon a female in distress.

With Snow in danger again, can Seth overcome his prejudices in time to save Snow from her step-parents’ evil plan?


Modern day fairy tales, they’re here and they’ve got it all. From shiny new BMWs to glamorous diamond manicures. You name it. And, this time around Paranormal Romance author Jessica Aspen, brings us her own version with a sexy spin of one of our favorite fairy tale stories with Snow and the Seventh Wolf.

I don’t seem to recall reading a fairy tale turned modern, not to mention a sexy one, but author Jessica Aspen incorporated the modern day life and technology elements well to give Snow a new vision of our, yet again, dangerous world. It’s like no matter what place in time and space Snow finds herself in, she is doomed to suffer and suffer by the hand of her evil glamorous stepmother, Elena.

The author places Snow living in the rich world of L.A., surrounded by everything you can imagine. You would think she has it all. But, luckily, she finds a good and sexy werewolf named Seth, on her search for survival.

Who would have thought that a werewolf would save Snow from her troubles, while lost in the beautiful snowy mountains of Wyoming? I didn’t  We’re always picturing these princesses with tall, charming and not losing their temper princes, but with Seth’s history of trying to kill his brother-in-law, I guess I would have paired a werewolf in the role of the Beast with Belle’s story. Something like, “Beauty and the Beastly Wolf”. Yet, again, the author gave the story her own twist making it interesting, even turning the rest of the dwarfs into sexy weres, to help and rescue Snow from her modern castle.

I liked that even though in the original story there are several elements that are iconic to the tale, like the apple, we might not see them as they are here, unless you look. For example, instead of Elena turning into an old witch, an acquaintance of the family gives Snow away and treats her to an apple. Not to mention that the poisoned apple instead, here, could be referred to as the drugs Elena and Ron give Snow. That could be a way to see it.

Another thing that caught my attention, reminding me that the story now centers in a different time was the use of our modern day technology. At one point you had a werewolf boy surfing the internet on his laptop and at the other, an evil stepmother blogging her life to her cyber fans. This was in her own way, her magic, to bring Snow down.

The evil characters were evil, the good guy not so good and Snow, this time around, fought for what she wanted trying her best to take control over her life and actions. Something that made me like this story from the start, making me feel that the author tried to give us not just a modern fairy tale, but also a girl that could stand for herself, giving us a good ending where everyone lives happily ever after.

If you’re into sexy werewolves rescuing the day, this is a book for you. Everyone should give it a try, maybe in the process of more readers, author Jessica Aspen will gives us a third book solving some questions.