Smoldering Hunger

Dark Kings, Book #8

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250071958

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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

We met Dr. Sophie Martin in the previous installment of the series, Passion Ignites, when she came to treat Lexi when she was ill.  She also had quite the intimate encounter with Dragon King, Darius!  Now Darius is back in Edinburgh and can’t quite get the good doctor out of his mind!

But Ulrik and his Dark are also in town and Ulrik has taken an interest in Sophie, ever since he saw her and Darius having sex!  He knows she could very well be Darius’s mate and he wants to cause as much pain as possible to the Kings.  Darius lost the woman he thought was his mate during childbirth and sadly his son didn’t survive either.  And, Ulrik would love nothing more than to watch Darius lose another woman.  Ok he would love to see Con taken down more, than this…. However, seeing Darius hurt still ranks pretty high for him!  I keep thinking Ulrik has some redeeming quality, but he’s proving me wrong on that score.

Now it’s up to Darius to protect Sophie as the battle between Con and Ulrik quickly approaches!

This is another one of those books in this series that I really wanted to love, but honestly just fell flat for me.   It wasn’t terrible by any means, but I didn’t think it was that good either.  It seemed to be a song with just one flat note all the way through, and the book was just too easy to put down.  It just lacked the spark I’ve grown to expect from Grant, which is saying a lot considering how many sex scenes there were in this one!

These last few mates have just been really boring to me.  Sophie was a goody two-shoes and just went along with whatever happened.  She was also quick to give up everything in her life to be with Darius, even though she *just* met him.  I really just had no interest in this couple, sadly.

I’m much more interested in Rhi, especially after the end of this book!!!  I hope the next installment of the series really turns it around for me so I can go back to really enjoying these books!