Slave to Sensation
Psy-Changeling, Book #1
By Nalini Singh
ISBN# 9780425212868
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*Beware of  Spoilers*

In the world of the emotionless Psy, Sascha Duncan has always felt broken.  As she feels things the other Psy don’t; things she isn’t supposed to feel and she craves the sensations she’s not  supposed to want such as touch and love.  And, all of Sascha’s cravings get ratcheted up even higher when she enters into a business agreement with DarkRiver’s pack alpha, Lucas, and she has to work closely with the panther changeling on a daily basis.  If the other Psy ever discover her flaw, it will mean rehabilitation, a wiping of her mind that will leave her pretty much brainless; a fate worse than death.

Being around Lucas and the other changelings opens Sascha up to a world of feelings and love that she never imagined, showing her exactly what her people have been missing out on.  She knows that her mental shields are breaking and that the Psy will soon discover her defect, ending her life as she knows it.  But if she’s going to go out, she wants to go out doing something noble by setting herself up as bait to find the Psy serial killer that has been killing the changeling women and the person who currently has one of SnowDancer’s wolf changelings to stop them once and for all before a war between Changelings and Psy is put into motion.  Putting her plan into action will mean certain death for Sascha, but it’s a price she is willing to pay as she is doomed to die anyway once her flaw is discovered.

The only problem is that Lucas has started the mating process with Sascha and his protective panther side won’t allow her to endanger her life in such a way.  But the only other option would slowly kill them both and Sascha refuses to take Lucas down with her.  With a Psy as equally stubborn as her changeling mate it will be a battle of wills to see who will win out and just whose life is at stake.

This was another awesome read from Nalini Singh, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!  I felt this particular story started out slow as I was being reunited with the Psy species, as it’s been awhile since I read the prequel to the series, Beat of Temptation.  But once the romance between Lucas and Sascha started to heat up, I couldn’t put this book down and I was even wishing the story was a bit longer!

I loved the growing relationship between Lucas and Sascha.  You knew from the beginning of the story that he would mate with her, whether either of them wanted it or not.  You knew that she would be faced with death from her own species at the end and it would be up to Lucas to save her.  But nothing about their story seemed predictable, not even the parts you expected, and I truly enjoyed the ride.

It was interesting getting a feel for the two species; Psy and Changeling, and seeing just how different the two are.  Cold and ruthless vs warm, protective, and loving.  It was also nice seeing the sacrifices these characters are willing to take for the ones they love.

Being someone that did read the prequel, I also enjoyed seeing Tasmyn and Nate again.  They didn’t bring  a lot to this particular story, but Tasmyn and Sascha did become quick friends.  If you can’t get your hands on the prequel, no worries, you can skip it and not miss anything vital to the story.  It’s just Tasmyn and Nate’s back-story.  But it is pretty good and a nice treat for those that have the opportunity to read it!

“You know I’ll never say no, and Nate’s so dedicated, I think he loves our alpha more than me.”

“I resent that,” Nate grumbled. “I might love football more than you, but definitely not Lucas’s ugly mug.”

I found Slave to Sensation riveting and can’t wait to read more of this unique series!  Nalini Singh should definitely be on your must read list!