San Francisco Thunder, Book #2

By Victoria Denault

ISBN# 9781455597680

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They met in an elevator.  An elevator that broke down with them inside, making her late for an introduction to her idol, the only female hockey franchise owner in the league.  He had just been called up from the Thunder’s farm team for a game.  His pick-up lines were corny, but his kiss was smoking hot!

“Do you mind if I follow you home tonight?” I ask her with a serious stare. “Because my mother always told me to follow my dreams.”

It’s been a year since that crazy elevator ride.  Dixie is still working in the PR department for the Thunder hockey team. The team her brother, Jude, plays on, although it’s important to her that nobody knows they are related. Eli is back on the farm team, the Storm, struggling to overcome his fears from his past injury where his neck was slit open on the ice by a teammate’s skate and he nearly died.

The Thunder is having a fundraiser and wants a couple of Storm players to be present.  One of those players is Eli.  Neither Eli nor Dixie have forgotten about the other and the attraction and spark is as hot as ever.  Since Dixie works for the Thunder she’s not allowed to have any romantic or sexual encounters with the players, but as Eli points out, the Storm players are fair game.  They decide to have sex to get each other out of their systems, which of course, only makes the attraction stronger.  Then, Eli gets called up to join the Thunder and everything changes.  They both have to decide what is more important their relationship or their careers?

I did not read the first book in this series, but I have read one of Denault’s other hockey books, Game On, that I loved!  This book can easily be read as a stand-alone though and I found that I really enjoyed it.

I wasn’t sure I could get behind this book at first … Eli’s corny pickup lines were bad … really bad… and then Dixie started throwing in a few of her own.  Eventually you just get used to it and it becomes part of their charm, also as the book continues the pickup lines become fewer and further between.  There are a few gems that make you laugh though.

“I lean closer to the screen and decide to really push her limits by hitting her with one of those pickup lines she loves to hate. “My beard wants to know if you would like a comfortable place to sit down?”

I really enjoyed this couple.  I can respect her need to hide her relationship with her brother from others within the Thunder organization.  However, I can also imagine how hard that must have been on not only her, but her brother as well.

I found Eli was a great mix of fun and loyal boyfriend.  I loved that he did what was needed when Dixie was going through a hard time while he was on the road.  I think it spoke volumes about his character and even Jude couldn’t fault him for it, no matter how much he’d probably like to.

I also enjoyed the sibling bickering between Jude and Dixie!

“I open the door and jump into the passenger seat. Sprinkles leap from the donut and cascade around the car, mostly between my seat and the console.

Jude glares at me. I smile. “Sorry. You know kids are messy. You should get used to it.”

“You’re not a kid anymore. Stop eating my food, messing up my car and demanding I chauffeur you everywhere,” Jude grumbles and starts the engine.”

This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to the next in the series.

And, since it was the ringtone Dixie assigned for Eli on her phone … here is Baby by a very young Justin Bieber.

“Who do you hate enough to give them that ringtone?”

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