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Sixth Grave on the Edge
Charley Davidson, Book #6
By Darynda Jones
ISBN#  9781250045638
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

sixth-grave-on-the-edge-charley-davidson-darynda-jonesIt’s Here! It’s Here!  The new Charley Davidson book is here!  This is one of those surprise series that I found completely by accident that I just love.  I get so excited when I finally get my hands on a new installment!  This time was no different!

Reyes has popped the big question, but Charley being her usual difficult self refuses to give him an answer, despite the fact she’s already made up her mind! But they both do enjoy teasing each other and this is just another of many things to poke fun at each other with.

“I walked stiffly past the worst hussy of them all: my former BFF, who’d apparently decided to move in. Jessica had been at the restaurant every day for over two weeks. Most days more than once. I knew she was hot for my man, but holy cow.

Clearly I’d have to say yes to Reyes soon. This was getting ridiculous. he needed a ring on his finger–and fast.”

Charley has a client that insists he has sold his soul to the devil and wants Charley to get it back for him!  And against Reyes’ s protests she agrees!  Reyes just can’t understand her big heart always wanting to help others, even at the risk of her own life!  But he isn’t about to let her face the demon responsible on her own.

Then a couple of thugs pay Charley a visit telling her if she doesn’t find the woman they’re looking for that one of her friends will die.  Things are never easy for our heroine!

And of course there is always the getting Cookie laid plan that Charley has been working on as well.  So much to do, so little time!

I enjoyed this installment of the series, but I don’t think it was quite as good as the couple before it.  That’s not saying it was bad by any means because it’s still a fun light read that will have you chuckling out loud when you least expect it!

“He turned the corner and flipped me off at the same time. See? Men could multitask. I was so proud of him.”

In this book, we saw a much more intense Reyes.  He is getting tired of waiting for Charley to agree to his proposal and he has no qualms about staking his claim to her or taking down a wall or two!

“Reyes. Alexander. Farrow,” I said.

Seconds after I spoke his name, Reyes walked into his bedroom, and I looked across the open space directly from my room into his.

He waited for me to continue.

“I feel like there’s something missing from my bedroom.”

A dimple appeared at the corner of his mouth. “You don’t say.”

“Any idea what that might be?”

He glanced around my room as well, then shrugged. “I can’t imagine.”

“Oh, wait,” I said, stepping from my room into his, “wasn’t there something here? Like, I don’t know, a wall or something?”

He looked up. “You could be right. I do seem to remember a barrier of some kind here.”

“Yep,” I said, stepping closer, “I definitely remember a partition separating our apartments.” When his only response was a mischievous tilt of his full mouth, I asked, “Where did you put my wall?”

He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against his doorframe. “What makes you think I took it?”

“It was there this morning.”

“And that means I took it? Maybe you just misplaced it. Where exactly did you see it last?”

I pressed my lips together. “You tore down my wall.”

The smile he wore could’ve charmed the panties off a nun. Completely unrepentant, he admitted, “I tore down your wall.”

Reyes has become quite in tune with Charley’s emotions and the slightest rise in her adrenaline sends him running, sometimes in the nude (ah if only this was a picture book)!  Danger (and not the one under Charley’s shirt!) is near and his protective instincts are running high.

Charley is still poking into Reyes’s past, which does give us some brooding Son of Satan scenes.  And, I can understand why he gets so upset, but he was getting a bit moody for somebody wanting her to agree to marry him.  This is Charley after all, he should expect her to nose in his business!  But the duo gets past this and they are back to the fun, teasing, lovable couple we’ve come to expect!

“Want to come over to my place?” I asked him.

The sparkle in his eyes danced in humor. “I don’t know,” he said. “You live so far away.”

I also had a lot of fun with Charley’s plan to get her uncle to finally step up and ask Cookie out.  Men!  They can be so stubborn!  I’m anxious to see where this will go in the next book.  Although … part of me still liked the idea of her with Swopes!

We also got to see Quentin in this installment!  I love seeing his developing relationship with Amber.  It’s just so sweet and innocent … well for now anyway!

I really love this series, but this book definitely gives me a ‘the end is near’ kind of vibe.  There is a lot of talk about the prophecies and the ultimate standoff with Reyes’s father and of course Charley’s role in it all.  Granted it could still be several books before that standoff occurs, but you can definitely see the events are leading in that direction.  And, with the latest development, I’m sure it will take some time for it to all come together.  Yay!  More Charley and Reyes!

I really enjoyed this book, but I found a lot of things to be a bit predictable, and maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous few installments.  The ‘friend’ that was in danger seemed obvious to me, and now that will give Charley a new hell on earth to face, I’m sure!  Even the ending, I was expecting to happen … although not in this installment, I’ll admit.  But I thought the prophecies were going to predict it.

Oh, and in the copy of Sixth Grave on the Edge that I received, there is an excerpt of one of the scenes from the book, from Reyes’s point of view, from before the wall came crashing down!  It was nice.  Any Reyes fan will surely enjoy it.

Anyway, this was another strong outing from Darynda Jones and now the waiting game starts over again … the countdown to Seventh Grave and No Body!!  The cycle never ends:)  Come on October!

“The next thing I remembered was Reyes smiling down at me as the sun filtered into his apartment, his hair mussed, his lids hooded with the thick remnants of sleep. I stretched as those three little words that every girl longs to hear slipped from his mouth with effortless ease. As though they did every day. As though they didn’t mean the world to me.

With one corner of his mouth tipping sensually, he asked, “Want some coffee?”

And I fell.

I fell hard.”

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