Sins of the Night

Dark-Hunter, Book #7

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780312934323

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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi
sins-of-the-night-dark-hunter-sherrilyn-kenyonAlexion is the one that’s sent in when things go incredibly wrong.  He’s Acheron’s right-hand man and even lives with him and Simi.  However, his existence is a secret.  When the Dark-Hunters go bad, Alexion is Ash’s judge and executioner.  And, when he leaves the Dark-Hunters, none of them will remember he was ever there, well those that are left alive anyway.

Stryker’s newest plot to eliminate Ash is to convince a group of Dark-Hunters that Ash is actually a Daimon and that he devoured their souls.  Stryker is using Kyros to call the Dark-Hunters together, and many are believing Stryker’s lies.  And, our female lead, Danger, was close to believing it herself when Stryker described Ash’s destroyer and Alexion was at her home when she arrived, matching the destroyer’s description down to the white coat he wears.

Danger was less than pleased when her possible executioner informed her he was staying at her house and that she was going to have to introduce him to the Dark-Hunters for him to try to save them and to ultimately pass judgment and possibly kill her friends.  She didn’t know who to trust, but after she spends time with Alexion, she realizes he is truly there to help and they grow close.  But it turns out that Kyros was his friend when he was human.  Kyros is so hurt to learn that Alexion has been alive all this time while he felt insurmountable guilt for his death, that he can’t trust him now.  Can Alexion and Danger sway his way of thinking in time to save him?

I wanted to like this book, but all in all I was pretty disappointed and rather bored throughout.  The relationship between Alexion and Danger came about rather slowly.  And, even the action in this book seemed to run into slow motion.  This book was just way too easy to put down.

I actually did like Alexion.  His attempts of getting in Danger’s pants was most pathetic and funny at the same time … well until she finally decided she wanted a piece of him just as much as he wanted her.  However, there wasn’t nearly as much steam between these two as I had expected.  Their sex life was about as bland as the rest of their relationship.

Danger did not live up to her name.  I was expecting her to be a total badass, but she came off as a plain Jane that didn’t really bring much to the story.

There wasn’t a lot of Ash in this story as he was trying to keep himself from interfering in Alexion’s fate, and honestly, I greatly missed him.

This book just didn’t do it for me so I hope the next installment in the series is more impressive.