Sin Eater   

The Aria Knight Chronicles, Book # 1

By Alesha Escobar, Samantha LaFantasie

ISBN13: 9781548120481

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Aria Knight has an unusual set of skills: she will hold back the hounds of Hell so that you can fly toward the Pearly Gates, and she will wipe your slate clean so you don’t become karma’s bitch…for a price.

A Sin Eater has to make a living in today’s world somehow.

But when she’s called in the dead of night to perform her rite for a recluse billionaire, she stumbles upon a murder scene, and the evidence points to her.

In an attempt to clear her name and uncover the true culprit, Aria is forced to team up with a private investigator who’s possessed by three spirits and a handsome wizard who would rather see all Sin Eaters like Aria go extinct.

Aria knows her job is never easy, but now it’s become downright deadly.

SIN EATER is the first book of the Aria Knight Chronicles by USA Today bestselling author Samantha LaFantasie and Alesha Escobar, author of the bestselling Gray Tower Trilogy.


When a person dies, those who still believe in old tales or have seen it done, called a Sin Eater. As the name says, a Sin Eater is a person who takes the sin of a recently deceased person and helps him move on to the afterlife. This is how we meet Aria Knight, the Sin Eater, as she performs the ritual for a woman that just died, and manages to get in time before the soul of the deceased is devoured by the Hellhounds. Then we meet Harry Storm, a P.I. as he tries to get in time to a local Apothecary for his weekly potion, before the ghosts that inhabit his body get to take control over his body. After drinking his potion, he follows the person he was tasked to gather information from, Jacob Wolfie. Jacob is a wizard and the Mayor’s Chief of Staff of the city. Given the recent problems and fights between non-wizards and wizards, Jacob has been assigned to find a deal or balance between the parties.

Without knowing it, somebody is pulling the strings and has set their eyes on the three characters. In hopes of creating a war within the community, the characters are set up to take the blame for different crimes and be the scapegoats of a hidden group. Now Aria, Harry (and his ghosts), and Jacob must find a way to work together, and find the real criminals behind the shadows, before they get killed.

I liked the Sin Eater, it was a good book and the story was okay. To tell you the truth, I decided to read this book because I remember seeing a long time ago a movie also called Sin Eater or The Order, and it had the same type of story that the summary of this book mentions. I liked the concept of a person removing the sins of a deceased individual to help her go to heaven or a better afterlife, and I wanted to know what type of storyline could be created to add this type of character.

I liked that in the world where this book takes place, magic and other types of supernatural things exist, but at the same time is trying to make the non-magic and magic parties to work with each other. I also liked that some things are not common and are looked down upon, such as, in this case the sin eaters, as some thought they were all dead. At the same time, I liked the used of the three different characters, and each of them coming from a different branch of the humans that inhabit this world.

While I liked the story, there were some things I think fell short. One of them was, that while the story is a fast read, I still think that in the process of making it not a long story, some information was omitted or missing. One moment they are looking over the information they have and learning new things, and the next they are already fighting the villain of the book. Out of nowhere we learn of betrayals that weren’t even whispered along the story and from characters that didn’t seem important to pay attention.

I found very easy to spot the villain or enemy around the first -third of the story, but it was a shocking turn of events when at the end you learn who he is also is working with.

While I didn’t like much the character of Harry Storm, I did like the ghost that inhabit him. Maybe I didn’t have enough of the actual Harry in the book to get to know him, but there wasn’t a click to his character like there was with the other two. I do hope we get to see more of the ghosts in the upcoming book.

If you are a fan of authors Alesha Escobar and Samantha LaFantasie, and you are interested in their work, then I recommend you Sin Eater. Here three individuals have to put their differences aside and help each other find the people behind the murders of innocent people, while also trying to stop a civil war. In our last hours, we all called for somebody to help us move on, even if it’s a Sin Eater.


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