My fandom years with Steve Cambden + interview by Simon Meade

Steve Cambden has been a good friend of mine since 1967, we went to school together, we often watched Doctor Who together, and for many years collected merchandise, went to conventions, fan meetings, and we were fortunate to meet a variety of people connected with the show.

In the 1970′s we were certainly fanatical about the series, and in 1976 we joined the newly formed Doctor Who Appreciation Society, an organisation still going today, I really should renew my membership!

Thanks to the devotion and hard work of a group of DWAS writers, organisers and like-minded hardcore fans, we indulged ourselves with fanzines, photos and all kinds of memorabilia, and in those pre-VHS video days, audio cassette recordings of the series were the must-have item of the time!

While I’m on the subject, please let me be even more self-indulgent for a moment, and give my thanks to a group of DWAS members of that period, whose names still give me a nostalgic glow whenever I see them mentioned online.

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