5 star rating
Shunned and Dangerous
An Amish Mystery, Book #3
By Laura Bradford
ISBN# 9780425252437
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*Beware of Spoilers!*

shunned-and-dangerous-amish-mystery-laura-bradfordClaire Weatherley loves the new life she made for herself in the town of Heavenly, Pennsylvania. After moving their a few months ago after her divorce, she is finally getting her life in order with her new shop and helping her Aunt Diane with her bed and breakfast.

What short time she’s lived there, she’s come to know and love the people of Heavenly and the Amish community on the other side of town. Growing up she’s always been fascinated with the lives of the Amishthe serenity and peace they seen to have. All too quickly she realizes that even they have secrets and a harshness that’s hard for those on the outside to understand.

One of the people that has entered Claireemotions is Jakob, He’s been excommunicated from the Amish community because he followed his heart and decided to become a detective and then there is his niece Ester who furnishes Amish crafts in Claires store and is also her assistant.

Her happiness is interrupted when Claire stumbles upon a body in the middle of the annual corn maze on the property of Jakob’s father and immediately the talk is that it was Jakobs father. With the talk going on Claire finds out that Jakobs father has been in a rage against the victim because he blamed him for Jakobs fall from grace and now that Jakobs brother has left, there’s more rage then ever before.

Claire hopes to find out that it wasn’t Jakob’s father but it’s not looking too good because the more Claire digs into the final last days of Mr. Zooks’ life, the victim, the more it looklike Jakobs father is the one who murdered him. Really, who would have a grudge against the Amish?

That’s when Claire finds out one of the harsh realities of the Amish, they can forgive a person who has killed a family member but can justpush a family member out of the community.

Still learning the ways of the Amish Claire finds out the news that Ester is getting married and will probably no longer be able to help or make the big ticket items that keeps her shop running. With that being said it’s only a matter of weeks that Claire is going to have to close up shop but in between that and her feelings for Jakob she’s got decisions to make and she’s broken hearted. Will she leave town that she’s grown to love or will she put distance, in miles and in heart, of those she has grown to care for?

Jakob, the Detective of Heavenly police department is the one that heads the investigation into the death of Mr. Zooks, the only one in the Amish community who refused to turn his back on him. How is Jakob going to investigate when the suspect on top of his list is his own father? The father who refuses to look at him much less speak to him.

Jakob just can’t believe it was his father and refuses to believe it, The interrogation of his father is going to have to be done by one of his men and he’s not liking it much. Being left in the dark about most of what is going on in the family is hard on Jakob but it is what it is and he’s just going to have to deal with it one way or another

Jakob and Claire refuses to acknowledge the feelings they have for each other that’s so obvious to anyone who see them together. It’s going to take divine intervention for both to realize what’s in front of their eyes.

Have the sins and hatred from the past going to upset this Amish community again? Has an outsider done this horrible crime because of hateor was it an Amish with such madness and anger at his neighbor the cause of this heartache.

I just loved this book and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. 

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