from Scott D. Pierce at Deseret News: 3 science fiction series are really struggling
Dying is easy. Comedy is hard,” goes the old saying.

But when it comes to television these days, science fiction is hard. Really hard.

ABC is struggling with both “V” and “FlashForward” — both in terms of the ratings and getting the shows made.

And Fox, which has canceled both “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Dollhouse” because of abysmal ratings, seems to be headed down the same road with “Fringe.”

The future of “V” is about as up in the air as one of those giant spaceships hovering over a major Earth city. The day that the show premiered, ABC announced that a new executive producer/showrunner had been hired to helm the series.

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from Sci fi Wire: FlashForward hits a series low and ABC halts production
The ratings for FlashForward fell yet again with last week’s episode, down 8 percent to a new low of only 8 million. And today, according to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has stopped production on the freshman series for this week.

A rep for the network said that the six-day hiatus had always been built into the show’s schedule, adding, “They want to maintain the high quality of the show, and this gives the writers the opportunity to do so.”

Reason to worry? Perhaps.

But before you start panicking that you’ll never learn exactly how we get to the world of April 29, 2010, it’s too soon to know whether this will mean good news or bad news for viewers.

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By Kris De Leon at Buddy TV: Three Things to Look Forward to When ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Returns in January
The Vampire Diaries has left us high and dry with lots of cliffhangers and unsolved mysteries. While I don’t know who turned Logan Fell into a vampire or who caused Elena’s accident, I do have some teasers to look forward to when The Vampire Diaries returns in January, thanks to TV Guide Magazine.

Warning: Spoiler Ahead!!!

The Mystery Vampire
Though there is no word yet on this new mystery vamp on the loose, but his identity and ultimate agenda in Mystic Falls are the show’s next big focus, according to Plec. And as we unearth more details about the new vamp, we’ll also learn more about the 27 tombs and the possible aftermath if the tombs are opened.

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From Chris Curtis at Broadcast Now: RTS rewards Being Human werewolf
Millennium FX won best special effects for Being Human (Touchpaper Television for BBC3) despite working with “small budgets and tight deadlines, and with no post-production enhancement”. The judges said the werewolf transformations “were a tour de force”.

The judges praised Scott’s work which portrayed “in grim detail” the result of a vicious beating. “The make-up was so convincing, so livid and so credible that it immediately pulled you as a viewer into the heart of the story”, they said.

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From Ian Spelling at Sci FI Wire: Alice (and her commitment issues) go to Wonderland
Just as writer-director Nick Willing completely turned The Wizard of Oz on its ear with the Syfy’s Tin Man, he’s up to the same trick with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, reinventing it as an upcoming modern-day, off-the-wall four-hour Syfy movie entitled Alice. The biggest change? Alice isn’t a little girl anymore, but rather a 20-something with daddy issues and commitment problems.

All those tweaks were fine with Canadian actress Caterina Scorsone, whose credits include Goosebumps and 1-800-Missing. She beat out 300 women for the coveted role of Alice Hamilton and interacts with a wide variety of re-imagined characters that includes the Hatter (Andrew Lee Potts), the Queen of Hearts (Kathy Bates), Jack Chase (Philip Winchester), the King of Hearts (Colm Meaney), Caterpillar (Harry Dean Stanton), Dodo (Tim Curry) and the White Knight (Matt Frewer).

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I’ve honestly never seen Flash Forward, but I watch V and I really hope they pick it up next year. They can’t just leave us hanging like that! I’m excited about the Vampires Diaries returning too, I want to know how they walking in the sun and exactly who Alaric is.

What do you think of the Being Human werewolf? What are you most looking forward to when Vampire Diaries comes back? Do you watch Flash Forward or V?