Spoilers, sick jokes from Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama Futurama is back, The Simpsons takes on Twilight, and Family Guy puts the intestinal gas in Return of the Jedi.

Those are a few of the revelations we got from the cast and creators of the animated series when we caught up with them this week at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. (Spoilers ahead!)

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The Simpsons‘ next “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episode includes a bit that nails the vampire craze, pun definitely intended.

“We have a catch-all vampire segment where Lisa falls for an 8-year-old vampire voiced by Daniel Radcliffe” of Harry Potter fame, said Simpsons executive producer and show runner Al Jean. “We mention Twilight, but it’s far from being just Twilight. Vampires, this is like the biggest they’ve ever been. We do True Blood. The premise of it is that there’s a Twilight-type kid, an 8-year-old whose father is like Bela Lugosi, so they really don’t get along. The dad bonds with Homer. We also have Count Chocula, the Count from Sesame Street … we have all the vampires in the segment.”

Another Halloween segment springboards off the premise of Jumanji: Bart and Milhouse play a game that brings all their boardgames to life, and they rampage through Springfield.

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Supernatural Season 5, Episode 13 Photos! Matt Cohen returns as a young John Winchester and Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively) are thrown back into the past in “Back to the Future Part 2,” the 13th episode in Supernatural‘s fifth season.

The CW hasn’t provided us with a full synopsis for this chapter yet, but photos were made available. The episode airs on February 4. Cohen first played Winchester in the series’ last season (“In the Beginning”) when Dean was dropped into 1973 where he meets a younger version of his parents. (Very Back to the Future-esque, of course.)

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Wow, Daniel Radcliffe voicing a character in the Simpsons! That will be something to look foward to 😉 What do you think of this episode dedicated to vampires?

The new epidose of supernatural looks interesting, can’t wait to see it! Are you a fan of Supernatural? Are you following the season?