Douglas Adams returns to television with new Dirk Gently show Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy creator Douglas Adams’ other great work of anarchic science fiction, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, comes to the BBC this fall/winter, as a one-hour pilot. But what happens if Dirk gets an ongoing series?

From the sound of things, the first 60-minute Dirk Gently episode will be an adaptation, at least in part, of the first book — the only plot summary so far is that Dirk tries “to solve the disappearance of a cat from an old lady’s house.” It’s being shown on BBC4 — not exactly the most high-profile channel, it must be said — and the script is written by Howard Overman, creator of Misfits and Vexed.

Two hot promo posters for Vampire Diaries 2nd season The CW really wants to make sure we tune in when The Vampire Diaries returns. First they teased us with news that Kevin Williamson would be introducing a gay character this season. Now along come two smoldering-hot ads to remind us of the eye candy the show has in store.


Allison Miller Signs on For ‘Terra Nova’ Although Fox’s “Terra Nova” was pushed back until next year, production on the series is beginning to pick up.

Allison Miller has been cast in “Terra Nova,” according to a report in Variety. Miller has previously appeared in “Cold Case,” “CSI: New York,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Boston Legal” and “Kings.” She is perhaps best known for her roles in the films “17 Again” and “Blood: The Last Vampire.”

Jason O’Mara (“Life on Mars”) was previously cast as the lead character, Jim Shannon, a man who flees into the prehistoric past with his wife and two children in order to save themselves and the rest of humanity from extinction in the year 2149. Unfortunately, their lives are soon threatened by several dangerous and carnivorous dinosaurs.


‘Conan’ Star Stephen Lang Confirms Supernatural Story Elements No offense to Jason Momoa and his bulging biceps, but perhaps the most intriguing photos to trickle out from the “Conan” set in Bulgaria earlier this year were not focused on the Cimmerian warrior. Rather, what captured our attention were a series of pics that showed a ghost-white creature in the midst of acrobatic battle with Conan. We didn’t know who or what this freaky-looking figure was, but we knew it couldn’t be human.

Did this mean “Conan” would incorporate supernatural elements, as much of Robert E. Howard’s source material does? Well, we know now that the answer is “Yes,” thanks to a conversation with co-star Stephen Lang.


Emmy Countdown: We Pick Our Fave Shows (‘True Blood’! ‘Glee’! ‘Friday Night Lights’!) And Actors! This year there are so many contenders to love in both the comedic and dramatic categories, we had to give kudos to the actors and shows that kept us glued to our sets. Here are some of our faves, let us know if you agree!

Of course, some of our favorite dramas are up for Emmy’s on Sunday night too. In the Outstanding Drama Series category there are four amazing shows that we love: “True Blood” (no love for the actors to be found this year, so maybe some of our favorite sexy vampires will go home with the glory here), “Dexter,” “Mad Men,” and the dearly departed “LOST.”


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s True Blood Costar Reveals His Musical Wedding Gift! Todd Lowe plays sweetheart Terry Bellefleur on True Blood and yesterday we chatted with him at Kari Feinstein’s Emmy Style Lounge in Beverly Hills. The actor shared his amazement at the paparazzi madness surrounding Anna and Stephen’s wedding last weekend and told us about his special gift for the newlyweds. While the show’s resident nice guy insisted that he’s sworn to secrecy on the upcoming finale, he did weigh in on what’s to come next season and whether he might be the next male castmember to go shirtless. Here’s more:

PopSugar: This was a big weekend for Anna and Stephen. Were you at the wedding?
Todd Lowe: I did! I have a band and my band played there. . . my playing for them was my gift. . . This was my first time dealing with paparazzi in helicopters and boats. We saw them down standing on the beach and we thought they were surfers waiting for the right tide, and it’s like, no, they all have cameras with amazing, high-powered lenses.


I loved the new Vampire Diaries promo posters. It looks like Nina is more in a Katherine character than Elena. Don’t you think? Still, I can’t wait for the new season to start! What did you think of the new posters? Would you have liked to see more with different cast members?

Are you looking forward to seeing Terra Nova?

Are you a Conan fan? What did you think of that interview?

Will you be seeing the Emmy’s this Sunday? Which TV shows would you give the Emmy to?

I’m a Gilmore Girls fan, so since the moment I saw Todd Lowe in True Blood I was amazed to see him there. He totally change from one character to the other. And if there’s more fans like me, you would remember that he used to have a band there, so I already new about that hidden talent. It was so sweet from him to play as a gift. I guess you can enjoy the music better if your friend is playing 🙂 What did you think of that?