True Blood Season 3 – Another New Promotional Poster Hits And Lafayette Spoilers For Season 3! As for Lafayette – he apparently finds love in season three. About time really. There might be a twist involved here though. His love interest might be more than just human. There might be something of the supernatural involved, but that is the only little hint we are given.

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Ready for Some “X-Rated” Vampire Diaries Action? Matt Davis Sure Is! Matt Davis has a bone to pick with the Powers That Be over on Vampire Diaries: Why are Stefan and Elena the only ones gettin’ it on?!

“Good ol’ Alaric definitely needs to get laid,” he tells us of the always brooding, erstwhile widower. Of course, we couldn’t agree more—especially if it means more Matt, more shirtless!

“There has been talk and all signs look good,” Matt says vaguely. “[But] nothing is 100 percent. The show is like Survivor—you keep delivering and hope they’ll still write for you.”

And what happens when his wayward vampy wife, Isobel, returns? It’s not pretty. “We decided that the best way to reconcile them is a ménage à trois,” Matt jokes…again. (Wow, is it just us or is this guy seriously…never mind.) “No, it’s shocking. To see this missing wife of his after so long. Not only is it shocking, but those moments never go the way you expect them to.”

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I can’t wait for the new True Blood season, there is still to much that hasn’t been cleared. What do you think of the promotional posters so far and the spoilers?

Wow. Are you looking forward for more of Vampire Diaries? What do you think of Alaric’s sexy future in the new season? 😉