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Shiver is the love story of Grace and Sam. Sam is a werewolf, and Grace is a human. As you can tell, this love story is not going to be a smooth one. However, it’s going to be heartbreakingly beautiful and precious.

United States

I’ve seen this cover way too many times, but I’m still not tired of it. If you ask me, it’s the contrast. I love how the white stands out against the blue and how the splatter of blood contrasts so nicely with everything else. I can’t say that this cover is a classic; it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. However, it fits the book perfectly, so I’m not complaining.


This cover is so pretty! I love how Grace is an orange figure, which shows great contrast to the light pink background. The font is also so pretty too!


If anything, the snowflake really stands out against the black background. Plus, the title is pink. Pink and black together makes the pink pop, so I am totally in love with this pretty cover. The snowflake is so perfect too!


This is probably the only cover showing Grace’s actual face. She looks pretty good, but I really can’t stand the color of her hair. I also don’t really like how bare the branches are either, but I guess it’s okay.


Sam’s eyes are the first thing that catches my eyes. They’re so haunting. I think my favorite part of the whole cover is his eyes. What a nicely done cover!



I’m not a big fan of how there’s snow on the top and the bottom, but I do love the trees in the middle.  The trees are so realistic; I feel like I’m freezing outside watching a wolf in the forest.


It’s not a bad cover. I just don’t understand the significance of the red umbrella. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve read Shiver, so maybe the umbrella is actually a major part of the story without me knowing it.



What do you think of the Polish cover? Does it look good? Which one do you love the most?