Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark-Hunter, Book # 1.5
Were-Hunter, Book #0

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Dragonswan is a novella in the Dark-hunter series that introduces us to Sebastian and his race, the Drakos, which is a species that is part human and part dragon.  He was tricked by an enemy and it cost him his sister’s life and caused him to be banished from his race.  Now he is traveling into the future (one of his many powers) to our current time to recover a tapestry his sister had created showing their history in order to save his brother’s life.

While staking out where the museum keeps the tapestry, Sebastian stumbles upon a female, Channon, who is studying the tapestry.  He can’t take the relic until midnight so he decides to spend the time with her.

Sebastian and Channon have a great time together and Sebastian doesn’t want to leave her, but he has a job to do.  Little does he know the fates have more in store for them.  While stealing the tapestry he notices, by a telltale mark that appears on his hand that he has been mated to Channon.  He now must protect her until the mark disappears or he must bond with her.

He takes her back to his time in the middle ages.  The man side of him and his dragon side are fighting each other over what to do with Channon, causing Sebastian to lose his powers.  And wouldn’t you know that that’s when his enemies appear.  He now must try to protect her without his powers, but it could cost him his life.

This book starts off with Sebastian and Channon’s sexual attraction right away and it made me inwardly groan as I figured that this would just be another smutty romance book with no real storyline.  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up really liking this book.  It’s a short book and fast read and the characters are likable, although Channon is a bit on the bland side.  What she lacks, Sebastian more than makes up for in yummy-ness!!  You can’t help, but like him and root for the couple.

Also, I love mythology and loved how Kenyon tied a little bit of it into this story, but not so much that you get overwhelmed by it.

I do think that it did get a bit to wordy with Sebastian explaining how Channon can claim him (if she chooses to), but other than that the book flowed well and made me want to continue with the series.

I think some short stories try to rush too much and the story suffers or longer novels tend to drag out to long and don’t keep my interest, but I felt this book was like baby bear’s things in Goldilocks and the Three Bears and was just right… a perfect length.  I can’t wait to delve further into the world that Kenyon has created for us.