Sherlock Holmes Double Feature The Hound of the Baskervilles and Pursuit to Algiers gives us an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel and a World War 2 espionage adventure. The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939 – 80 minutes) was Rathbone and Bruce’s first time as Holmes and Watson. The duo are called up to moors of Baskerville Hall to break a family curse by Lionell Atwill (House of Dracula). He doesn’t want the new heir to fall victim to the mysterious menace that killed the last owner. Holmes claims he’s got other business and merely sends Dr. Watson into the cursed land. The house features an extraordinarily creepy John Carradine as the butler. Where is Holmes? Don’t worry, he’s gone deep cover. It’s a good ripping tale involving a true hell hound roaming the moors. But where does it live and who feeds the beast? Holmes has to solve that part before his paying client falls victim. This print features the infamous “needle” ending.

Pursuit to Algiers (1945 – 65 minutes) takes Holmes into the future. He’s no longer in 1899. This is a World War II era tale involving Holmes being hired to escort a foreign heir to the throne in his home country. There’s many enemies looking to stop this recent college student from taking the crown. There’s danger at every turn including a plane that crashes while reportedly carrying Holmes and the heir. Dr. Watson is on a cruise ship when he gets the tragic news. He doesn’t have to mourn too long when Holmes’ subterfuge is exposed. Watson and company must pull the veil from the real enemy agents before they get tossed overboard. It’s a tight shipboard mystery.


I love Sherlocke Holmes movies. I have since I was young. Are you a big Sherlock Holmes fan? Which is your favorite one?