Sharon Ashwood
The Dark Forgotten, Book #2

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Scorched is the second installment in the Dark Forgotten series that focuses on all of the supernatural creatures in the town of Fairview.

Holly worked her magic on Mac to make the demon inside him dormant and he has escaped the Castle, making his way back to Fairview.  But Alessandro doesn’t trust him and throws him back into the Castle.  While there, he finds a young female vampire, Constance, that was thrown in the Castle before she was fully turned.

Constance’s son, Sylvius, has been kidnapped by the guardsmen of the Castle and she’s making it her mission to get him back and Mac promises to help.

Mac has discovered a return of some of his demon traits, including being able to turn to dust at will, which gives him the ability to come and go from the Castle at will.  But every time he comes to the Castle he finds his demon is becoming stronger and stronger.  And now he has fallen for Constance and can’t stay away.

The Castle has been falling apart for the last sixteen years and it’s believed that if Sylvius is sacrificed, the Castle will be restored.

Mac does manage to save Sylvius, only for him to be taken again.  The ritual has started and Mac and Constance are in a race to save him.  Meanwhile, Alessandro, Holly, Ashe and Lore lead the other local supernaturals to save the remaining hellhounds that are in the Castle.

I loved seeing more of Mac and understanding his inner struggle between him and his demon.  It was also interesting to get a better understanding of how the Castle works.

I was glad that we still had a decent amount of Holly and Alessandro as well.  It will be fun to see how the new development in their life turns out.  Not to mention, to see if Ashe and Alessandro will be able to stay on friendly terms.

I thought this was a decent read and that it kept my interest more than the previous book, Ravenous, did.  Although I think, I did like Ravenous slightly better.