Shadow Warrior

Shadow Riders, Book #4

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9781984803528

Author Website: christinefeehan(.)com

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Grace Murphy couldn’t find herself in a worse situation. She is currently in the trunk of a car while her brother is negotiating her in exchange of money in a gambling debt. What kind of brother does that? The one that isn’t really your brother but a foster kid you grew up with. All of this is happening in the parking lot of the Ferraro’s night club and the only one to notice it is Vittorio, who has recently arrived from work as a shadow rider.

Haydon, Grace’s brother, is making deals with the Saldi, the Ferraro’s enemies. What he doesn’t know is that Vittorio has witnessed everything and he won’t let him have Grace kidnapped. After an intense fight, Haydon has no alternative but to shoot Vittorio but Grace is caught in the fire. Now that Vittorio has a clear view of Grace, he immediately noticed that she has been the one he has been looking for for years and he won’t let her die. The rest of the Ferraro arrive in time to help Vittorio with Grace and the Saldi men but too late to catch Haydon, who turns out to be more dangerous than just a gambler.

As the story progresses, Grace gets to know Vittorio more while her wounds heal, and at the same time Vittorio learns about her traumatizing past and her passion for her job as an event planner. Even though Grace is afraid of Haydon and doesn’t get close to anyone or go out much, she is very good at her job as an entrepreneur and independent person. Once she starts her relationship with Vittorio she lays down her own rules and informs him that she plans to keep her work life the same, which is something that I liked about Grace.

There are several details and information in this book that I was really excited for! So much information:

  1. My favorite, Emmanuelle and Val’s on and off relationship finally coming to an… end? I am really looking forward to what the future has prepared for these two!
  2. Taviano and Nicoletta’s soon-to-be relationship. This is another couple I’ve been waiting for since the beginning.
  3. Eloisa and her feelings towards her children. We kind of see her change a little and with the events that happened at the end of the book, her kids might be slightly closer to understanding her.
  4. The pending fight between the Ferraro and the Saldi families. What is going on here? Is there a third enemy?
  5. And, of course, the arrival of baby Ferraro. I can’t wait for Francesca and Stefano to have their baby. Knowing Feehan, she’s going to give the fans a very special birth scene 😉

I am really excited for the upcoming books and the direction the story is taking. The suspense is building up like no other. In this book we got to see the life of another Ferraro sibling and more of his gifts, not just his shadow rider ones. All the siblings we have seen so far have different private lives out of the spotlight, and I can’t wait to see Taviano and Emmanuelle’s true colors!

If you’re a fan of Christine Feehan and her books and you’re not reading the Shadow Riders series, you’re still in time to catch up. From this book on things start to get intense with a war in the near future that could leave some casualties. Get your copy of Shadow Warrior and start preparing yourself.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*