2 star rating
Seventh Grave and No Body
Charley Davidson, Book #7
By Darynda Jones
ISBN#  9781250045645
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seventh-grave-and-no-body-charley-davidson-darynda-jonesCharley is still reeling from the fact that she is not only affianced (Charley speak) to Reyes, but is also carrying his child, their daughter that she has affectionately named Beep for the moment!  Beep is destined to save the world and it’s up to Reyes and Charley to protect her and make sure that she is born safely.

But the Twelve have been unleashed on this plane of existence and that are all slathering to destroy Charley.  Reyes will give everything he has, even his own life, to protect the woman and child he loves.  And, Charley does not make it easy on him, sneaking out without him at any chance she gets!

“You risked your life for me.” He took my shoulders into his hands. “When are you going to learn, Dutch: No one matters but you and the baby. You keep risking your life–” He threw one hand out to indicate our surroundings. “–on things that are not the least bit important.” He stepped even closer. “On people who committed suicide and crazy chicks in cemeteries and–” He stopped and dropped a heated gaze on me. His voice cracked when he said in a hushed tone, “I can’t lose you.”

“And I can lose you?” I asked, almost screaming at him.

He lowered his head and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. Then he admitted what was probably his greatest fear. “I don’t know how to win. I don’t have the faintest idea of how to kill the Twelve. And when I saw your name on that wall.” His breath hitched in his chest. Then he focused his coffee-colored gaze on me. “If you die,” he said with a savage vehemence in his voice, “I will go straight to hell and kill every demon there. Or I’ll perish in the attempt.”


Meanwhile, Charley’s dad is missing and there is a rash of suicide notes found, but no bodies of the victims.  Charley is compelled to help against Reyes’s wishes and is determined to find a killer.

I love this series and I think Darynda Jones has major writing skills!  But I didn’t find this installment to be quite as engaging as the ones before it.  There was always something going on, and it wasn’t a boring read, but it was a book I could easily put down, which is odd for a Charley Davidson book.  I’m usually glued to them, life around me stopping until I’m done.

I’ve been trying to pinpoint why this book didn’t grip me as the others always have.  I can only come up with two things.  One, I think it lacked a lot of the humor that I’ve come to love and expect with this series.  Don’t get me wrong there is still a flair of comedy in this book, and several laugh out loud moments.  But with everything getting so serious now in their fight to save the world, and trying to evade and fight hellhounds, the humor took a backburner to the other things going on, understandably so.  The other thing?  This book lacked the steam between Reyes and Charley that has always managed to real me in.  Again, with all that’s going on, it’s hard to find time for those intimate sexy moments.

“I thought you were mad at me.”

“I am.”

“Well, I make it a rule never to have sex with anyone who’s mad at me.”

He arched a brow. “It’s a wonder you’ve ever had sex at all.”

Also, part of Charley’s charm has been her nonchalance and ability to crack jokes at the most unusual of times, her impulsivity, if you will.  But in this book they came off as dumb and immature.  For instance when she had already encountered a hellhound, but still slipped Reyes’s guard to go off on her own, and got attacked.  I just think she should use her smarts a little more, especially with bun on the way!

That’s not to say this book was bad, but for me it was just okay, quite a disappointment for me though as I always expect the best from Jones and this series in particular.  I love the series and hope the next installment is back to the great quality I have come to expect.

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