Sanctuary still a safe bet for sci-fi fans

When Sanctuary fans last saw Dr. Helen Magnus, she was facing imminent annihilation.

Fans found out if she survived on Friday night’s episode, but odds were good she would, because the hit Vancouver-made sci-fi TV show started its third season.

“We come back from a ridiculous cliffhanger where we’ve painted ourselves into the most horrendous corner, tidal waves heading towards the major coasts of earth,” says Amanda Tapping, who plays Dr. Magnus.

“I didn’t think there would be any way to get us out of what was happening at the end of the second season, (but) it’s so clever, I actually quite love it.” more here

Stan Lee Thinks Hulk TV Show Would Be A Smash

Comic book God Stan Lee has revealed that he supports the idea of making a new Incredible Hulk TV show. Last week it was announced that ABC were teaming up with Marvel Studios to produce a TV serial based on the Hulk and in an interview with the New York Daily News, Lee, who created the Incredible Hulk in collaboration with artist Jack Kirby admitted that he thinks it is a wonderful idea and that in this day and age, with the sophistication of special effects technology, a Hulk-based TV series is a sure fire hit…

“I think the potential for a successful Hulk TV show is greater now than ever. For one thing, think of the sensational special effects available to us now, plus the fact that ol’ green skin is known and loved worldwide.”


Spoiler-free review of the first two episodes of The Walking Dead

You cannot make a television show about zombies without images of blood, rotting flesh and newly ripped-apart flesh. The show is centered around Rick Grimes, a police officer that wakes up from a coma to find his whole world has gone to zombie hell. So how can someone make Walking Dead without the very real, very oppressive feeling of dead meat that lingers on each page of the comic-book source material like flies? It’s what makes the undead seem so very real, and the decaying world seem so lost. Let me put your minds at ease, and tell you that this show does not blush at the sight of gore.

more here

Do you agree with Stan Lee on The Hulk? I remember the old series. I wasn’t very impressed lol.

Are you enjoying Sanctuary and/or The Walking Dead?