The Empath Trilogy, Book #3
By H.K. Savage
ISBN# 9780983574262
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Paris. Their bond grows stronger as Claire and James prepare to exchange vows. But the political unrest in the vampire world does not allow for vacations. Once again Claire and James are called upon to use their connection to quell a war that would serve to destroy humankind and any supernatural creatures who stand with them. No longer able to put it off, Claire must face her destiny no matter the cost. (Barnes & Noble)



In the 3rd installment, Secrets, James and Claire are finally on equal footing. They’ve come full circle. Claire and James begin their work with Omar. It’s a difficult road. With their teamwork they actually start to see him changing for the better.

The police come sniffing around in regards to Stephen and Brian. It’s interesting to see how Claire and James end up helping the investigation. At first it seemed they were busted, that the police had figured out “what” they are, but it turned out well.

As Henry and Tonya struggle with their attraction and possibly breaking the laws of mixing races, Claire wants to play matchmaker. It’s pretty damn cute.

Anton finally gets his comeuppance. No one deserved it more, besides Gaston. I laughed when Anton got bested. He’s such a prick.

Claire is a bad-ass vampire. She embraces it and has amazing control.  She goes up against a number of powerful vampires using her speed, intelligence and agility to kick their asses.

I’ve enjoyed their journey and growth. I’m sad it’s over but I would love to hear Miranda’s story or Henry and Tonya’s story.

I tore through this series. It’s action packed and fun. It’s a great YA series because the sex is not graphic and because the characters learn and grow. There are many life lessons to be learned from the trilogy. I recommend everyone read the series.