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Second Chance Friends

By Jennifer Scott

ISBN13: 9780451473233

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The national bestselling author of The Accidental Book Club shares a novel of four ordinary women rediscovering themselves and their futures at the most unexpected time….

Karen Freeman, Melinda Crocker, and Joanna Chambers have never met—but every morning they get their coffee at the Tea Rose Diner. Karen stops in on her way to the office job she’s held for more than twenty years, wondering how her sweet-faced boy turned into a misguided young man. EMT Melinda fuels up for her days helping others, after nights spent worrying her fear of having children could drive her husband away. And Joanna, with her long blonde hair and bohemian flair, digs into the Boston cream pie and hides—from her friends, from her family, and most importantly, from herself.

Their paths may have never crossed. But one morning, on the lawn of the Tea Rose, the three women collide during a searing event in the life of twenty-something Maddie Routh. In the nine months that follow, they return to the spot over and over. To discover what it means to be a mother, a wife, a lover, a friend. To find Maddie Routh. And to find themselves. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, these four women unite to show us second chances do exist, if only we have the courage to see them.


Second Chance Friends is an engrossing tale of 4 ladies, all different, all not perfect, that all come together over a horrible tragedy. The Tea Rose is a nice little place to get pies and a good cup of coffee to start your day. As three ladies, Karen, Melinda and Joanna sit separately, thinking of their own lives, a horrific accident unfolds out the window. They go to help what turns out to be a school bus and car crash. The bus is on its side, the car is crushed. These ladies don’t think, they just act to pull children out of the bus and then hear a cry for help coming from the car. They find a woman still holding her pregnancy test strip begging for help for her husband. There is nothing the ladies can do other than comfort her and hold the head of her dying husband as he takes his last breath.

Somehow, something pulls these three ladies back to the spot. They end up running into each other and talking about the pregnant widow. They have to find her and see how she is doing. As each of these ladies deal with their own problems, insecurities, anxieties, they reach out to find Maddie. They have to overcome her paralyzing grief to try to help this woman. They become a whirlwind of action trying to help Maddie be ready for the blessed event. It is a struggle for sure. The ladies are all dealing with their own struggles yet are drawn to help this young lady.

Jennifer Scott has written a wonderful tale enveloping women of all different backgrounds and issues and brought them together with a strength that is truly heartwarming. Her writing style is endearing and heart felt. It draws the reader in and the pain and warmth are wonderfully palatable. These women, so different, but the same in their ache to help poor Maddie. The insight into their lives is well written and very human. The reader can surely find a little bit of herself in each of their lives. I know I did. Through friendship and kindness, these wonderful ladies help to brighten the life of the unborn child.

I would recommend Second Chance Friends to any reader that enjoys meaningful women’s literature, anyone that enjoys a solid and strong female voice while still exposing the frailty and angst that can come into any life. I was drawn into this novel and it never let go. Jennifer Scott’s writing style is enjoyable and descriptive. Her characters are well written and fully developed. This is an inspiring novel with a few twists and turns that fit together to form a marvelous read that pulls at the readers emotions.

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