Season of Desire

The Bratva

By Lisa Cullen

ISBN# 9798857964798

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Alexei Federov is one of the three Federov brothers than run the Federov Bratva.  His brothers take care of the business and acquisition side of things where Alexei handles security. 

However, even tough Bratva men have to answer to their mothers.  And, that is how Alexei finds himself at the ballet, of all places.  His mother’s favorite ballet, Swan Lake, is being performed and she is brimming with excitement over the new prima ballerina.  Alexei is there to make his mother happy, until he sets his eyes on the prima and can’t look away.  In all his years, going to the ballet with his mom, it’s the first time he’s actually watched it.  He immediately becomes obsessed.  He must meet her. 

Alexei finds his way back to Nadia’s dressing room, and the fiery vixen only makes him like her more.  He’s determined to go on a date with her, which she adamantly refuses.  So, he will just have to find a way to persuade her.  Buying her dance company was just the start of the lengths he will go through to be with her.

When Nadia finally gives in to Alexei’s charms, things heat up at a scorching pace.  She quickly finds herself pregnant and unsure of what to do next.  Having a baby will most likely end her ballet career and she has no idea what Alexei will think of it, but it’s a dream she thought impossible.

Meanwhile, a rival bratva is about to declare war and it will take all of Alexei and his brothers’ energies to keep ahead of things.  But could Alexei lose his new-found love and the child he doesn’t know exists while he’s trying to extinguish the flames?

This is my first dive into the bratva/mafia novel realm.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  And, I did like the story, despite me giving the book a low rating.  I also really enjoyed Alexei and his brothers.  My issue really was that there wasn’t a whole lot of story being told.  This book was 90% sex, if not more.  Do not get me wrong, I love a good smut book, but I need a little storyline weaved into my smut.  And there really wasn’t a lot.  I barely know you. Sex. I can’t believe you don’t want to date me. Sex.  Oh you’ll have sex with me, but you won’t date me?  Angry sex.  I have a secret to tell you. Sex.  You get the point.  If the story and sex scenes were a little better balanced, I would have enjoyed this one so much more.  I would not be opposed to reading another one of these books, but I really hope for some more storytelling.