Leonard Nimoy is Concerned About the State of Science Fiction on TV

 Leonard Nimoy has said before that he was done with Acting, but he has recently decided to come back. Which he is now guest staring on Fringe. He will be in tomorrows episode, when someone asked him about what we will expect, Nimoy was extremely tight-lipped. He did say what he thought was wrong with today’s Science Fiction on TV.

Well, I’m concerned about the positioning of story in terms of importance. When I see a lot of explosions, a lot of chases, I’m not terribly impressed. I think there are three terribly important elements that must be given position — priority position — in science fiction as well as in any other kind of drama: the first is story, the second is story, and the third is story. Story, story, story, story, story. If the story is compelling and interesting, I think all the rest will find its place. We have great technology in our industry and that technology can be overused at the expense of story, and that’s a problem for me. But when the story is in place, I think the special effects can find their proper place. I think Fringe uses the technology brilliantly, but in the service of excellent storytelling.

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ADAPT THIS: ‘Pax Romana’ By Jonathan Hickman

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: A warehouse full of modern weaponry and genetically-enhanced soldiers is sent back in time to Ancient Rome by the Vatican in order to change the course of history and ensure a future in which the church reigns supreme. The plan changes dramatically, however, when the time-traveling army abandons their religious directives and decides to create a new, better history using the knowledge and technology they brought with them.

WHY IT WORKS:Hickman’s “Pax Romana” not only presents a compelling science-fiction tale, but also a remarkably sound set of characters, dialogue and story beats that make the comic book feel like it’s just a small step away from the screen already.

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What do you think of whats going on in the Sci-Fi word today? Do you think  Leonard Nimoy is right about Sci-Fi TV? What about Pax Romana? Should it be a movie?