Fox renews sci-fi drama ‘Fringe

Despite lower ratings since its move to Thursdays — understanding, given its going up against the likes of CSI and Grey’s Anatomy — Fringe has been renewed by Fox for a third season.

It’s an unexpectedly early announcement, one that seems to be a vote of confidence from the network in the series co-created by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias). Even though it’s experienced a dip in ratings, Fringe has performed well relative to other Fox programming in that time slot (granted, not necessarily hard to do).

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OMG I’ve heard a lot about Fringe, but I didn’t realize JJ Abrams was attached to it. I must check it out. Knowing he is a co-creator make it a must see for me.

Are you a Fringe fan? What do you like about the show? And are you pleased that it’s been renewed for a third season?

With my luck, I will get really into it and then it will be canceled. Murphy’s Law.