Saving Ferris

By A.R. Kennedy

ISBN1718150709 (ISBN13: 9781718150706)

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Is your pet family or property?

When Cecilia’s husband dies, she’s forced to become his dog’s caregiver, something she does not immediately warm to. But when Ferris’s life is threatened by an intruder, she shoots the intruder to save the golden retriever.

Police Chief Holden Owens thinks Cecilia acted lawfully, in self defense, but few agree. In the eyes of the law, one can use lethal force to protect themselves and others, but not property. Pets are considered property.

Holden loses his fight with the prosecutor, and is now in a new fight—his undeniable attraction to Cecilia. Prosecutor Daniel Briscoe is seeking justice for the intruder, who is also the mayor’s nephew, while seeing a case to further his career. Celebrity defense attorney Wyatt Sewell identifies a sympathetic defendant, a case he can win, and a way to garner more acclaim. When he learns of Cecilia’s motive, to save Ferris, he sees a blockbuster case that can set legal precedent.

Cecilia endures a murder trial where her defense attorney forces everyone to ask themselves, Is your pet property or family?

Will saving Ferris’s life cost Cecilia her freedom? And a second chance at love?  (Goodreads)


All I can say is “WOW”.  I thought this book was so good, one of the best I have ever read.  Sometimes when you read a book, something just clicks and you fall in love with it.  That is what happened when I read Saving Ferris. I am very sad that I have finished reading it, I wanted it to last longer.  

When Cecelia and Joey got married, she thought that they would grow old together.  They got a dog and she had visions of children to go along with Ferris, their Golden Retriever.  But all of that changes when Joey is killed in a construction site accident. Now it is just her, Ferris and their memories.  

Cecilia is attacked at her home and she just barely escapes.  She grabs a gun and wants to scare the intruder off. When the attacker hurts Ferris, the only family she has left, she shoots and ends up killing the intruder.  She was protecting her “family” and, although she felt terrible about it, she did not expect to be charged with 2nd degree murder. But that is what happens and what follows is the trial of the century.  I found it very fascinating to see how the trial lawyers prepared for the case and all of the preparations and procedures that happen during a trial.

While I was reading it I wanted to go to the back of the book to see how it would turn out.  I am glad that I didn’t. The tension kept building with each chapter that I finished and I wanted to keep reading instead of doing anything else.   

The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  You can tell how heartbroken Cecelia is over losing Joey and all of her dreams.  And after the attack her whole world falls apart again. Police Chief Holden Owens does not think that Cecelia should be charged with a crime and he befriends her as best as he can since he is the arresting officer.  

The writing flows smoothly and it defines the characters very clearly by their actions and words.  I liked the fact that some of the chapters were “then”, giving us insight into Cecelia and Joey’s lives before the accident.  It was a very effective way to let the reader know their history and how Ferris joined their family.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted  suspense read. This is a must read for all dog lovers. Like I said before, this is one of the best books I have ever read.

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