Savage Road

Torpedo Ink, Book #7

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780593437377

Author Website: christinefeehan(.)com

*Caution: Book contains BDSM*

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Savage Road is the continuation of the previous book in the Torpedo Ink series, Annihilation Road. Seychelle Dubois has been having constant nightmares involving a man being tortured. Savage worries she may be sick, but what Seychelle doesn’t want him to know is that her gift allows her to see the memories of people she touches, and the nightmares are due to Savage’s past actions. 

Savage begins to fully introduce Seychelle to his world of BDSM, setting rules in order for her to feel safe and for him to know when to stop. Here is where angst takes over this relationship! Throughout the book, Savage and Seychelle struggle to find a middle ground in their love life and with their loved ones. Seychelle feels that Savage is still not ready to open himself to the new dynamic of having a partner. She also feels he is restraining himself intimately, which has Savage tense and nervous while dealing with MC tasks. Additionally, Seychelle feels left out by Torpedo Ink, as if she is not fully part of their family circle. This factor puts great pressure on them trying to make their relationship work.

At one point, Seychelle realizes that she won’t be able to adapt to the Torpedo Ink life, making her think it’s better to leave. There also seems to be tension between her and some of the other Torpedo members, which makes Seychelle doubt herself, thinking she isn’t the best for Savage. It gets so tense to the point that Czar and Blythe have to interfere. This was the first time in the series, Torpedo Ink members didn’t agree with one of their member’s love interests. But! We eventually find out the reason behind the dislike towards Seychelle. The plot thickness!

As Seychelle learns to use and control her psychic healing gift better, within time she can become a great asset to the club, especially when it allows her to see into people’s memories. They also learn more about Brandon Campbell and how he’s been getting involved with some of the local MCs. Additionally, Torpedo Ink learns about a third person pulling the strings, especially against Czar. 

The feud between Savage and Jackson continues in this story as well! Previously Savage had managed to have a flower be named after the sheriff’s deputy, and in retaliation, Jackson managed to have the Red Hat ladies name Savage as an honorary member! I love that author Christine Feehan is adding fuel to this ongoing hilarious feud. 

Both books were very intense. So many enemies came after Seychelle, some out of envy, others as stalkers, but at the end more information was revealed. We also had special guest appearances from Sea Haven and Drake Sisters! It’s fun to read what they have been up to, and we may have gotten a glimpse at a potential future couple!