examiner.com: Casting information for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has yet to be announced, as casting for two smaller parts (Leah and Seth Clearwater) has only closed a few days ago, but we know for sure that certain members of the Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon cast will be returning for the third part of the series.

In Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, there are a few important sequences that commence in Jacksonville with Renee, Bella’s mother. Renee also makes a comeback in Breaking Dawn (as does her husband Phil Dwyer).

In Twilight, Renee and Phil Dwyer were portrayed by Sarah Clarke and Matt Bushell. Though their parts were fairly short (particularly Bushell’s), they certainly were memorable. Clarke was likely cast by Catherine Hardwicke for Twilight due to their relationship and history of working together in Thirteen.

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 I wasn’t terribly attached to Sarah Clarke as Renee. However, now that I know her as Renee I would like to see her back in the Eclipse movie.

Do you think Sarah Clarke should return to play Renee again?