By Mike Szymanski at Sci Fi Wire

The new season of Syfy’s hit Sanctuary promises many more non-human creatures, more creature-based explanations for history’s biggest events and a peek into the future of all the characters in a time-travel episode.

Producers also plan to jump on the vampire craze, will include more historic characters and will offer fantastical explanations for everyday creatures. They will also reveal the existence of other sanctuaries located around the world.


More creatures will come up. “We have to be careful to show what makes these abnormal,” Wood says. “If it’s a unicorn, what makes that abnormal? We talk about a fish—and it’s not a dolphin—that we show has more intelligence than we once thought. You won’t ever look at that the same way, and you won’t ever eat calamari again, if you know what I mean.”

Sanctuary has already introduced vampires in the form of real-life historical figure Nikola Tesla. “Yes, we have our vampires, but we’re doing that in one show,” Wood admitted. Tesla is played by Jonathon Young, who also played the character in a one-man show. “We show the genius of Tesla, a real historic figure, and vampires and put our own spin on it,” Wood said. “There will be much more of Tesla in season two.”

Tapping said she would have loved to meet strong female characters in history, such as Dorothy Parker, Amelia Earhart and Mae West. In storylines she has mentioned Winston Churchill, J. Edgar Hoover and, no doubt, the Kennedys. “She really got around,” the actress said of her character.

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I’m really looking forward to season 2. I missed some of season 1 since it was only available online, but I can catch up with the dvd before the premier October 9.

Have you seen Sanctuary? Will you watch it now that it’s on TV instead of online?