OBS owner Dawn is back with a new interview, this time with author S.L.J. Shortt and his book ‘Blood Heavy’. They chat about vampires, the characters, snarky humor, upcoming stories and some fun facts. Enjoy!

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Dawn: Why tackle vampires with the current craze? What makes Blood Heavy stand out?

S.L.J. Shortt: Vampires are just the introduction. There are a lot more scary things out there. Angels and demons are going to be the main focus of the series.

Dawn: Is the snarky humor from you? How do you transfer that humor on to page?

S.L.J. Shortt: It’s from me. Apparently there was some concern when I was born. Instead of crying I started laughing my ass off and said ‘You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourselves into’. When I’m writing it takes a lot of effort not to make everything into a joke.

Dawn: I was so impressed with Jerry’s handling of his situation. How important is character development in your series?

S.L.J. Shortt: Really? I thought he acted like an idiot. But that’s sort of what I was going for. Nobody gets it right the first time around. But he’s definitely going to get better. In fact, I’m writing the 3rd one now and Jerry is starting to seem like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. The monsters are afraid of him.

Dawn: What can we expect next from this series?

S.L.J. Shortt: Expansion. I’m going to be doing things on a Roland Emmerich scale. You know, like Independence Day and 2012.

Fun Stuff:

  • favorite food: Pizza
  • favorite place you’ve visited: The Pub.
  • favorite place to write: Home, alone.
  • favorite book: At the moment…Battle Royale.
  • favorite vampire movie: Stakeland!



Thank you to author S.L.J. Shortt for a great interview. I’m really impressed that he likes Battle Royale and Stakeland, two of my favorite things. I feel one is old and the other underrated 😉 Wonder what he thinks of the other versions of Battle Royale? Don’t forget to check out Bloody Heavy!