Rules of Contact

Play by Play, Book #12

By Jaci Burton

ISBN# 9780698175273

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rules-of-contact-play-by-play-jaci-burtonFootball player, Flynn Cassidy, just opened his new restaurant, Ninety-Two, and things are going great.  His head chef, Amelia, has the kitchen running like a well-oiled machine.  The two of them worked well together creating the menu and both are always finding things to add to it.  The restaurant manager, Ken, is also a godsend.  Between the two of them he has little to worry about as far as Ninety-Two is concerned.

But the one thing that isn’t so great, is Flynn’s love life!  He just dumped yet another girl that was just using him for camera time.  Which leads his buddy’s wife to set him up on a date!  Since Amelia was in on the conversation she also earns a setup!  However, when both Flynn and Amelia’s dates like each other more than them they come together and realize they have just the zing Flynn’s been looking for!  But after her ex, Amelia is gun-shy and isn’t really looking for a romance, but Flynn doesn’t seem satisfied with a one-night stand.

Eventually the duo get on the same page, as you knew they would!  But one little misunderstanding could destroy all they have built!

I enjoyed reading this book.  There isn’t a lot of substance that you really have to think about, but that’s not what these books are for anyway!  But if you like steamy intimate scenes, then look no further, as there are plenty of those to keep you warm at night (and all through the day)!

I liked getting to meet Amelia’s best friend, Laura and her husband.  They were great together and I loved the teasing between the two!

We got to see the full Cassidy clan as well, which is always fun.  I love the banter between all the siblings and can’t wait to see what kind of jock Mia ends up with!  The poor guy is going to have a lot to answer too with all her big protective brothers!

Back to our couple in this book.  I felt that Flynn and Amelia’s misunderstanding was blown way out of proportion by both parties and it really shouldn’t have been as big of a deal as they made it!  A bunch of hurt and heartache over pretty much nothing.

I also found the ending of this book seemed rather rushed and it left me flipping pages saying “That’s it?” thinking there was going to be an epilogue or something, but there wasn’t one.  It was still a decent read, I would have just liked a little more story from these two detailing their happy ending.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*