4 star rating
Rock Courtship
Rock Kiss, Book #1.5
By Nalini Singh
ISBN#  9781625175397
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rock courtship coverSchoolboy Choir drummer, David, can’t get their PR agent, Thea out of his head.  She’s the perfect girl, the ONLY girl for him!  Problem?  When he asked her out, she rejected him!

After being betrayed by her former fiancé, Thea is scared to give love another chance, especially with a rock star, as musicians are known for sleeping around.  She doesn’t want to set herself up for heartache.  But when David uses his intellect and sends her memos telling her all the reasons they should be together and poses good arguments, she can no longer resist this smoking hottie!  I mean it’s right there for her in black and white!  But will trying to live the rock star life tear them apart?

This was a short and sweet read in Nalini Singh’s new Rock Kiss series about the rock band Schoolboy Choir (although I’m not a fan of the band’s name).  It was a fun and light read that any Singh fan will enjoy!

This book takes place as the same time as the previous book, Rock Addiction.  In fact, we see a few of the things that happened in Rock Addiction happens again in the beginning of this book, just from a different point of view.  Namely, Molly’s advice to David on how to win her sister’s heart and the resulting memos that were sent back and forth.  I was surprised at how raunchy David’s could be, being the ‘Gentleman of Rock’ and all!

I loved David.  He was just sooo … sweet!  We didn’t have any of the assholiness we got with Fox when Molly moved in with him.  Thank Goodness!  I would hate for David’s character to get ruined that way.

The bump in the road we hit in David and Thea’s relationship, is a bit cliché, and a little too similar to what happened with Fox and Molly.  But the issues are quickly resolved… almost too neat and tidy, but that’s to be expected with a novella of this length (125 pages).

I really enjoyed this book, and thought it was better than Rock Addiction.  And the memo David sent at the end of the book left me grinning like an idiot, but a happily satisfied idiot!  I can’t wait to read the next book!