What will happen to Robert Pattinson after all of the ‘Twilight’ Saga films are done? You think all the obsessed fans will flee him?

Fans may love Robert Pattinson now, but kids also used to obsess over Orlando Bloom and Mark Hamill. The indicators for Rob’s future are necessarily all that solid and that’s based on actual data.
You know.
Like: He is already showing symptoms of the deadly Mark Hamill factor. Moviegoers had so much trouble disassociating the ‘Star Wars’ actor from his Luke Skywalker character.
Lori Dicker concludes that “most of the references and conversations about Robert Pattinson are about his character, and less about him as a stand-alone personality outside of Twilight.” In fact, “One of the top contributors of content on a popular photo sharing site is named Robert_is_Edward.”

Pattinson has another big hurdle ahead. He has to prove he can act. Sounds like an unnecessary road block, why please the critics when you can hypnotize fans? But to survive in Hollywood, you really do need talent. Harrison Ford made huge bank swinging from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Indiana Jones’.

Of course Robert Pattinson could show the world he has staying power starting with ‘Remember Me’. But until then, the jury is far from in.

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I don’t agree with this – because I can different between Robert the person and Robert the actor. Robert is Robert and Edward is Edward and not Robert is Edward. Yes, he is a really great Edward, but he also is a great Salvator Dali and a wonderful Daniel Gale and a phantastic Toby Jugg. After watching more than one movie with him I don’t think he just hypnotize.
What about you? Have you seen Robert in other movies than ‘Twilight’? Do you think he is a good actor? And can you also different between Rob and Edward?