Ripped From the Pages (Bibliophile Mystery #9)

Author: Kate Carlisle

ISBN13: 9780451416001

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When book-restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright temporarily relocates to her parents’ place in Northern California, she finds that wooden barrels aren’t the only things buried in the wine caves of Sonoma….

Excited to explore the secrets of wine country, Brooklyn attends an excavation of the caves hidden deep under her parents’ commune—and the findings are explosive. A room is unearthed, and it contains a treasure trove of artwork, rare books, a chest of jewelry…and a perfectly mummified body.

A closer examination of the murdered man’s possessions reveals a valuable first edition of Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth. Hidden in the book is a secret map that unveils an even greater hoard of treasures brought to California by French winemakers fleeing the Nazi invasion with the commune leader’s grandfather, Anton, among them.

As reporters and art appraisers flock to Sonoma to see the precious bounty, questions begin to rise—did Anton hide these items to protect them, or did he steal them for himself? Who is the mysterious man left for dead inside the cave? But not all crime is buried in the past. When a new presence threatens the town’s peace, Brooklyn decides to do a little excavating of her own and solve the mystery of the treasure before anyone else is written off.

23398637  Review:

Ripped From the Pages is the 9th in Kate Carlisle’s Bibliophile Mystery series and it is the best one yet. I really did not think they could get any better, but low and behold this one is truly even greater. This is a wonderful series with super characters, fun and diverse and intelligent. The writing is exceptional as always. The setting is fabulous, in the home commune of Brooklyn Wainwright. Having Brooklyn and her man Derek staying in Dharma is entertaining and sets up a truly spectacular backdrop for this mystery. Thank goodness for the pair they are staying next door to Brooklyn’s parents and not with them.

When an excavation of the caves under Dharma reveals more than anyone bargained for, this small commune is inundated with reporters, appraisers and lookie loos. A body, a treasure trove hidden and a wonderful French first edition of A Journey to the Center of the Earth are found in a room that is exposed when the excavator breaks through a wall. The book unveils a secret no one could have expected. Not only did the French bring grape vines when they came to America, but the leader of Dharma’s grandfather also brought all the treasures of their French town. Trying to save them from the Nazi invasion that was knocking at their door, the townsfolk sent everything they could with Anton. This is a subject close to me as my mother and her family had to flee the Sudetenland to Germany during the war as well.

The characters of Brooklyn’s home are so entertaining and enjoyable. Every one of them is well developed and different. The way they come together to find answers to all the questions that rise from the discovery of this room and its contents is wonderful. The items are described in depth, but never boring. The mysteries are suspenseful and intelligent. This is a fabulously well written cozy that grabs your attention and never let’s go. The room is the perfect hiding place for all the treasures and everything is just as it was all those years ago. The history involved is well researched and compelling. There are no slow spots in this well paced cozy.

I love this series and never tire of the characters. While I am sure Ripped From the Pages could stand alone, it really enhances the story to read all of them. Kate Carlisle is an amazing author that never fails to come through with the perfect read. This is a book that any reader could get lost in and at the same time keep them engrossed in the fabulous storyline. I would recommend this super cozy to any lover of well written, entertaining, mysteries. Truly a spectacular read that exceeds expectations. Kate Carlisle has once again delivered with this hit! I cannot wait for the next installment of this excellent cozy series.

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