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Oh vampires… you pop culture darlings. You drink the blood of humans, turn into bats, abhor garlic and melt in the sunlight. Or sparkle, depending on what kind of vampire. And yet, despite all of these potential pitfalls, you’ve captured our hearts. Like it or not, vampires are here to stay. At least for the next little bit; we’ll see what happens once the “Twilight” series caps off with “Breaking Dawn.”

While the Stephenie Meyer series continues to enthrall teens and pre-teens everywhere, other filmmakers are looking towards more mature content. There’s Matt Reeves‘ “Let Me In” of course, an Americanized remake of Tomas Alfredson’s Swedish blood-sucker flick, “Let the Right One In.” And “Daywalkers.” And “Priest.”

Now there’s another one, according to Variety: the eternally busy director/producer Ridley Scott has turned to his old pal and “Gladiator” collaborator John Logan to write an adaptation of Jonathan Ainsley’s vampire novel, “The Passage.” And the band plays on…

It’s worth noting that Scott and Logan haven’t partied together since their collaboration on the Oscar-winning “Gladiator.” Vampires are as good a reason as any to bring them back together, and “The Passage” has a good pedigree. Ainsley, pseudonym of award-winning author Justin Cronin, sold his then-unfinished novel to Fox 2000 two years ago.

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OMG 2020! Well I guess that will give us time to get to know ‘The Passage’ better. I’m a fan of vampire movies and will definitely give it a try, when it get’s here.

What do you think of ‘The Passage’? Are you getting tired of vampire movies? Do you want to see something else?