Richelle Mead
Storm Born Issue #1
Dark Swan Series

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Dawn



Eugenie is a shaman mercenary with a lot of power. In the Otherworld, everyone knows she is single and they all want her.

She is called to vanquish a spirit who has inhabited a shoe. Once she takes care of business she finds out a client needs her to go after his sister, who was kidnapped by faeries. Eugenie realizes she would have to cross over to the Otherworld which is dangerous but she decides to meet with the client. After hearing his story, she agrees to consider the job.

At a bar, later that night, Eugenie meets the sexy Kiyo. The attraction is instant for both of them. They hit it off and she takes him home….


I am not a fan of graphic novels in general. I’ve read the Dark Swan series and I loved each book but I was leery of the graphic novel because I thought it would lose it’s appeal. I was wrong, I like the series even more. The art blew me away, kudos to Dave Hamann. I bow before your superior skills!

Eugenie looks exactly as I imagined her and she oozes attitude. She retains her personality from the series, the snarky woman with brass ones (if you know what I mean 😉 I am not a clothes horse, but Eugenie’s outfits look damn good too.
I laughed at the visual of Eugenie casting a Keres, an ancient death spirit, out of a shoe. It’s fun to see the different supernatural creatures brought to life, they practically leap out at you.

The people in her life are layered characters with depth and it translates well to the graphic novel. Roland (step-dad), Tim (the roommate), her mom, Kiyo – each one is interesting and the visual helps.

There is foul language and sex scenes but I like that in a book. Storm Born issue #1 is a must-read, I can’t wait until the next installment.