Today we bring you the book that inspired the Robin Williams visually beautiful film, What Dreams May Come. If you liked the movie then you’ll love this book, which has everything and more. A true tale of soul mates and life after death, this book is a definite read.

Brought by OBS staff member Katlyn

This book is a manuscript written to Robert, brother of our main character Chris. Chris died in an automobile accident leaving his wife and four children behind to mourn his death. This manuscript is a retelling from Chris to a psychic about his experiences of life after death.

At first Chris is very confused and follows his family around until he realizes that he is dead and then journeys to a placed called Summerland, “heaven”, where he meets Albert, his guardian angel. Albert explains Summerland and the capabilities of the mind in this new place. As Chris is exploring Summerland, his wife Ann is never out of his mind, he is constantly wondering when he will see his soulmate again.

Although bad dreams not normally present in Summerland, Chris realizes Annie’s unwillingness to live without him when she ultimately ends her life too soon. Albert explains that Ann will stay the next twenty-four years in another “level” below Summerland which can only be described as the dark depths of Hell. This will not do though, and Chris travel’s to the pits of hell to try and save the woman he loves.

This amazing book takes you on a journey that is so unexpected and exciting. Life after death can be one of the scariest concepts to wrap your head around because no one knows. It is inevitable yet we spend most of our lives fighting it.

It was interesting to read about many theories all put into one cohesive book that makes it so possible its very eerie. Through much research, Richard Matheson takes you on his journey of discovering what everyone wants to know, what happens after we die?

Richard also delves into the explanation of soul mates which is another greatly explored subject in the book. The main character, Chris (recently deceased) and wife Ann are determined by the higher powers to actually be “soul mates”. This makes matters complicated when Ann can no longer live in a world where her other half does not exist. Chris never waivers in his determination to be with Ann again which makes this a heartbreaking tale of love lost. But after the journey has ended, it leaves great hope that life does go on, just not as you think it may.

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