Reunion in Death
In Death, Book #14
By J.D. Robb

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

It’s 2059 and nearing Roarke and Eve’s one year anniversary.  Not that there is much time to celebrate now that a convicted killer was released from prison for good behavior and is back to her old tricks; killing powerful and wealthy men by poisoning their drinks.  Eve put her in a cage once and it’s her job to do it again.  Especially now that Roarke is a target.

I found this installment to be a bit on the dull side.  I didn’t even want to read it half the time, but picked it up whenever I got bored.  I find I get that way when some of the books start being repetitious.  In Seduction in Death the murder victims were being slipped drugs via drinks and now this one the victims were again having drugs slipped to them in the same fashion.  And this was another case where Roarke took it upon himself to go to Commander Whitney to insert himself into Eve’s case  (I can’t remember which installment he did this previously, but it wasn’t that long ago).  Resulting into yet another argument between them over him ambushing her.  Also, how many times has Roarke been a target now?  I understand with such a long series you are bound to have repetition, but it’s still a little disappointing.

I liked seeing Peabody getting her own case in this one and found her case to be more interesting than the main one in the book.  But I wish we had gotten more scenes with Peabody and McNab’s budding romance.  And I really  didn’t understand the purpose for having Peabody’s parents visiting and it seemed like more filler than anything else.

Eve’s investigation did lead her back to Dallas where she faced some demons of her past (with Roarke by her side, of course!).  It was a very emotional part of the book and one that I greatly enjoyed.

This book was just mediocre to me, but I guess they all can’t be winners and it won’t keep me from continuing the series.