Regency Makeover Part 11 The Stepsisters Triumph

By Darcie Wilde

IBSN: 9780698408135

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Description:  Regency Makeover Part II

They were dismissed as hopeless—girls too plain, too shy, too gauche to stand any chance in the ruthless competition of the London season. But Helene Fitzgerald, Madelene Valmeyer, and Adele Edmundson have no intention of remaining wallflowers. Aided by the notorious novelist, Deborah Sewell, they form the Wallflower Pact and set out to find true love for themselves—and maybe even their chaperone.
The Stepsister’s Triumph
Madelene Valemeyer has never felt welcome in her father’s house. The daughter of his first wife, she will be one of the richest heiresses in England when she turns twenty-five. But for now, Madelene is just a miserably shy girl, tormented mercilessly by her stepmother and three half-siblings. Nearly unable to function socially, Madelene certainly can’t see that Benedict Pelham, the artistic son of a marquis, is falling in love with her.

Benedict Pelham hates London society, blaming its endless seductions for the death of his brilliant first wife. But in quiet, beautiful Madelene, Benedict believes he’s finally found his chance to begin life again.

Madelene, though, is done being quiet. With the help of her friends and fellow wallflowers, she is preparing to transform from shy mouse to brilliant Miss. But social success has a high price—is Madelene prepared to pay with her heart?


I love this series and I know I will be anticipating the one coming out in June. Although part of a series this story can stand alone. The Wallflower Pact is a group of supposed unmarriageable women who decide to take life in their own hands and change the outcome that society has dealt for them. Madelene is the shy mouse of the group of girls.  A rich heiress, she is the girls source of income as they plan the changes in their life. Madeline’s life is managed by her stepmother and her three ½ siblings who torment her and constantly make demands on her wealth.

When she meets Benedict Pelham a Marquis and an artist she immediately falls for him but certainly can’t see the feelings being reciprocated. What Madelene doesn’t realize is that Ben needs the quiet calm of Madelene and through her is discovering life again. The love story is slow to develop but Madelene finally finds her own strength and voice.

This is just delightful as it does not follow the usual historical fiction love story where the beautiful young lady ends up with her handsome prince. In these stories the heroine has to find her own strengths in a society that has dismissed them and then, not only find someone who will appreciate the persons they have become but will love them for it.  Thanks to Darcie Wilde for another great read!