While not as long-lived as the Volturi, the Edward vs. Jacob debate has been alive for some time, ever since … well, the publication of Eclipse. If the latest shots of Taylor Lautner have you questioning your Rob/Edward devotion, or if you’ve always wavered between the two men in Bella’s life, this quiz might help you determine your allegiance.

And when you’re ready to declare your team, we’d like you to prove your devotion. In advance of the New Moon premiere, we’re on the lookout for TWO Ultimate Fans: one to represent for Team Edward, one for Team Jacob. Find out how to enter our Ultimate Fan Search.

Take the quiz here.

(thanks emily-june)

I’m not sure how the hell this happened but I got:

Team Jacob

You’re drawn to sunshine, not shadows. With the hot-blooded werewolf and his shaggy pack is where you belong.

ROTF! I always thought I was Team Edward.

Which team are you on? Or are you Team Switzerland? Pick a side, don’t be a wuss. 😉