Reckless Road

Torpedo Ink, Book #5

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780593099865

Author Website: christinefeehan(.)com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Throughout the first books in the Torpedo Ink series we’ve seen the club members use their psychic abilities to help others and themselves. But in Reckless Road we see how some of those psychic abilities can harm and backfire on Torpedo Ink. Player never told the club of the side effect using his illusion ability has when he is tired and can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. This gets Player in trouble when he first meets Zyah and he mistakes her as part of his illusions.

Zyah has her own special psychic abilities and knows that Player is special, but she is hurt by his actions. Zyah is back in town to take care of her grandmother as she recovers from injuries she suffered during a recent burglary incident. Sea Haven has lately been clouded by home break-ins leaving the town shaken by the brutality of the robbers. The club has noticed that the robber’s modus operandi is different and the town could be in more danger than what they think. One night, after work Zyah is about to be kidnapped when Player saves her. In the fight, Player is injured, which may cause his illusions to get out of control. Zyah knows she can help Player recover  faster and better under her care if she stays close by. During Player’s recovery, Zyah learns more about his past, his psychic abilities, and how dangerous they can be if they get out of control. As Player recovers, he starts noticing memories hidden in dreams that can put the club and Zyah in danger.

Zyah and Player have an interesting chemistry. Player needs someone that understands his mind and Zyah is the perfect person for him. On the other hand, Zyah needs someone that understands that her grandmother is number one in her life and will be able to share Zyah with her loved ones, not to mention that Zyah also needs someone who will respect her independence.   

Throughout the book we get more glimpses of the club’s past tortured memories, learning more hidden secrets. It’s always interesting to get more information. But my favorite guest appearance from past books was Hannah Drake and Jonas Harrington from the Drake Sister series! Feehan fans will have a good time reading their parts. These two characters are funnier and more in love than ever. During this interaction we do get a foreshadowing of a potential future lifemate for another Torpedo Ink member, which may bring more fun interactions with the Drake sisters.

There were really interesting aspects to this book. Torpedo Ink is going into new territory making Player and Zyah key elements to their psychic abilities. It also looks like the club keeps growing with new members and I can’t help but think that some are spies out to get Torpedo Ink. Only the future will tell. If you’re a Feehan fan and want to know how this series unravels, then this book is for you.